Motives And Methods

I enjoy reading and learning about the motives and methods of serial killers. Some are simply insane, while others have carefully planned out their murders and take every precaution so as to not be caught. I don't have any interest in killing anyone, but the idea fascinates me.

I have no respect for the ones who pick random, weaker targets, such as women or children, as a revenge fantasy against an ex-girlfriend or an overbearing mother. Random acts of violence against women and children angers me, but those who commit those acts still interest me. The slasher-movie villains, those who just run around with a knife, chainsaw, shotgun, etc and aimlessly kill, don't interest me as much as the careful planners, those who choose their targets and do it in such a way as to not get caught.
NomadicCrusader NomadicCrusader
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1 Response Jan 10, 2011

i think jerome brudos had some brutal methods like hanging his victims while the tips of their toes touched the ground. Really really cruel.