My Brush With Death By A Serial Killer

I Live in Victoria,BC,Canada in a neighbourhood where I have lived my entire life.I was going to visit a friend who lived down the street across from a school and park.There was a strange car parked and still running which I thought was unusual.There was a man in the car who called out to me for some directions.I gave them to him severaltimes as he made out he could not hear me.Unfortuneately I got too close to him and he made a grab for me.I foughtr and screamed and severalpeople came to my aid.After I was let go,he drove off really fast.I tried to forget aboutit and did not discuss it with my family.However a few months later I went out to get our daily paper and nearly fainted.For on the front page was the man who tried to kidnap me and he had been captured and was being held for several counts of    childrens murders.His name is Clifford Olson and I am one of the lucky ones who survived their encounters with himEven to this day,knowing he is behind bars I still have nightmares and suffer from post traumatic syndrom.
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So did you ever get interviewed by the local media about this near abduction?

O my god that is so scary

Wow! I'm so sorry you still suffer from this. <br />
When I was about 19, a guy driving by me with shaggy hair in an old beat-up car held his two fingers to his mouth and stuck his tongue between them, right in my direction. It was creepy, but I just blew it off. A while later, serial killer Richard Ramirez was arrested and it was him! Richard Ramirez went into people's homes in California and tortured and killed them. I'm so glad he didn't run me off the road or follow me home!

you never ment to madchen.

why is it that nearly every woman I know has had a brush with either death or rape? There have been some converstions about predatory behavior towards women, but not nearly enough. I suppose most men, like me, feel somehow dirty and uncomfortable because we all have that sexual urge that gets expressed in various degrees and we all at least know something about predatory wanting. The grey areas between fantasy and hurting are scary, but until we talk about and aknowledge it, it will remain a terrifying world for many women. <br />
I remember the awful realization that women can't experience the same night time walks that I can. Their world is different and can become a nightmare because of the threat of one violent, sick man. <br />
I guess this is a little off for the subject, but I AM interested in serial killers... I like anything abnormal, just got jarred by the familiar brush with death above.

oh my goodness! You are so lucky to be alive! Someone up there is looking after you! So try your best not to suffer anymore okay

Madchen wow your on a role. <br />
<br />
Lucky you, next time send them the opposite way I would.

thank god you got away! nightmares, PTSD, i can't imagine that this wouldn't affect your life.