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my favorite serial killers are:

ed gein
charles ng and richard lake
dennis rader
h.h. holmes
albert fish
jerry brudos
michael swango
mohammed bijeh
david parker ray
uday hussein

just to name a fascinated by serial killers,what motivates them and what could be different in their heads than a normal persons.its amazing.people have called me sick and weird but i dont care.i did a book report in the 8th grade on a book about ed gein and you wouldnt believe the looks on the teachers face or half the kids in the was hilarious.other kids are doing the chroincles of narnia or some bs and im standing up there talking about a necrophiliac serial killer.

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It is nice to find someone with the same odd interest, people call me strange but I just love figureing out how their minds work and how they do what they do.

Well I can't speak for the writer of the story but When i say "Favorite" I mean one that interests me the most. While i find what they did to be a horrendous thing i still strive to learn more about how their minds work, why they do it etc

when you say your favourite do you mean your most hated yet interesting?.. or do you mean favourite as in idolise?

I've always done projects on morbid things but i still creeped people out too lol<br />
Like in third grade we had to do current events and i would do obituaries lol<br />
Then in high school i did a poem project on serial kilers lol<br />
i made ovesized dice with their pics on it lol (some people on your list!)<br />
and other stuff. The are just so interesting.

Your list is great! Have you researched any of the following?<br />
Randy Kraft<br />
Elizabeth Bathory<br />
Andre Chikatilo<br />
<br />
I live about 40 minutes from where Ed Geins house used to stand. Its VERY taboo to discuss this subject. I understand you completely

good dont waste your time on them.i happen to enjoy studying them,just like im sure something youre interested in doesnt entertain me in the least.they are crazy and psycho,thats why theyre fascinating to me.