What Makes Serial Killers Tick?

I have always wondered why... i am sure i am not alone in asking this question
and i know i will probably never know but i can't help but search for the answer
although there may not be one to find. They are like a giant puzzle you can never
finish because your missing something that should fit and doesn't.
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what makes them tick?.......... thay don't exersize discipline!!!!...........where a quote" good guy" could have thoughts running along the same lines, but he dose not just go and run with the said thought' he couldn't lose hold of hem self,

Are people born with these feeling or do they grown and fester in someone until they can't take it anymore and have to let the monster lose. I Don't think they are created by there child hood abuse i am sure that doesn't help but not all abused children become killers there has to be another reason beside the abuse they had to endure. I mean there are people who have the thoughts and don't act on them because they know they are wrong i can understand that and most of the ones who have the evil thoughts didn't have a traumatic childhood they just have the thoughts and feelings to harm other people. Everyone is capable of murder and evil deeds but what makes them so different from everyone else besides acting on the urges they have?<br />
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LOL... J2m maybe they are just ticking time bombs waiting to explode

I think it is the clock they have on there wrist.<br />
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Confusion, mixed up stimuli, poor impulse control, bottled up angst, unresolved personal doubts and insecurities, sexual gratification/getting off to the attention their acts receive, isolation, the addicting nature of crime, misdirected anger, vanity, withdrawn and cold personality, selfish nature.<br />
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Just my 2 cents

I have been reading a book called The Killer book of serial killers it is very interesting goes into the background history and everything tells you details of the murders. I have been researching them because i am trying to get inside there mind i am writing a book from the serial killers perspective. <br />
I know some of the thoughts and feelings and urges there are a lot of reasons why they are the way they are but what is the truth behind everyone's speculation?

The general ones--overwhelming conscious and unconscious hate along with confusion is what makes them tick. Killing people is their way to satisfy their need of relief from psychic tension. It's like kicking someone's *** for good until the next one and then the next one.........

I think part of it could be hatred, or maybe they just give up fighting the evil that is inside of them just wanting to be let out. You have already read my story, so you know what goes on inside of my head. If I stopped fighting it, I probably would have started killing already.

I'm researching on Zodiac. And I wonder who he was every night i sleep.

I'm researching on Zodiac. And I wonder who he was every night i sleep.