Fascinating, Hmm?

I disagree with what serial killers do and I wonder what intrigues them to take the higher step and get to the point to kill.
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Brunhild: I may or may not read the book, I would like too though. If I'll read about Ted Bundy, I can see for myself what the true story actually is and take it from there.

Read the books on Ted Bundy......They are true and not just stories you hear.....

94lunawolf: I've heard a different story when it comes to Ted Bundy.

their trigger could be anything. most likely that person wouldn't be their first victim, tho. trauma in childhood seems to be a big factor, but anything that rattled the killer to their very core could cause it. Bundy was killing women who resembled his ex because he spent every penny he had on their wedding & she just called it off right b4. he was filled with so much hated that he wanted to kill her. seeing a women that looked like her filled him with the same rage.

I agree kimmy. They're very smart and take good care of their tales but they aren't smart enough cause one day or one way or another, they'll get caught and make that mistake. There are some who are fortunate and never will they get caught.<br />
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supernaturalfan: It is crazy how the killings doesn't bother them, they don't fight it, etc.

Why fight something that makes you feel good? I've often wondered how serial killers can keep doing it. But anything can become a habit, a pleasure... just tune out the normal feelings, and do what you love. This is why I worry about a society that says " just do what you love".

They have dark thoughts and feelings and they don't fight the darkness inside of them and they just accept it. Seeing as how I've had thoughts of killing others, if it wasn't for me wanting to fight those thoughts, I probably would be a serial killer already.