We Can't Live Without Serial Killers

I absolutely believe that we NEED to have serial killers in the world. In a time where literally every move we make and everything we do is bogged down with rules and regulations that can only result from humans trying to separate ourselves from tha animals, serial killers keep the animal in us alive. If we stopped trying to separate ourselves from nature we could improve nature itself. Like it or not WE ARE ANIMALS, and animals kill each other. This is why we celebritize our serial killers. Celebrities satisfy some need for us, and murderers satisfy our need to be the animals that we are. Unbound by the invetions designed to control us. Their payoff is as real as anything can be.
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In self defense yes absolutely. Animals don't always kill for survival alone. Most of the time thats the case you're right however If I can direct your attention back to my point about the dominant male lion in a new pride you will note that the tiny little lion cubs that he kills are of no threat to him and yet he kills them anyways.

I would also like to point out that animals kill to survive, unlike most serial killers.

Thtas the problem with humans. We generally have difficulty accepting the fact the we ARE animals. Why is it so important that we be set apart from the rest. To me there is no difference between a male lion butchering the existing cubs in a pride that he takes over, so that he may insure that it is his own bloodline carrying on over that of another inferior male, and a person killing another person for a selfish reason.

So then would u kill

If it happens then it's natural.

Note this; we need our killer instinct not serial killers. I get what you're trying to say but note that serial killers either enjoy or use it as relief mechanism, and it's not natural. Not in nature any way. However having that killer instinct is that animal like nature we need to deffend and survive.

I don't think that death in war is to be considered in this particular case. The murderers involved in modern warfare are cowards working for a corrupt money ba<x>sed system. They kill economically and unprovoked from a distance. They are paid to increase financial gain. PAWNS!!! As for "promoting their existence" I'm reasonably sure that you've missed my point. !!WE!! (As in you and I and every other systematically indoctrinated silly little human on the planet) need murderers to do what they do in order to maintain that particular piece of our natural instinct so that we may access it when necessary. ie: defending ourselves aggressively when our lives are threatened. The notion that murder is merely a means to "keep things interesting" is severly unenlightened. They are not just killing people, they are killing the control that is forced unto all of us day after day.

I see the point you're trying to make... but I don't know if it's totally valid.<br />
I think that we can "keep things interesting" in other ways besides killing. Besides, I think the stupidity that is war should satisfy our blood lust just fine if that's really what you think people crave.<br />
<br />
It's certainly interesting to read about serial killers in the paper, or to hear about them on the news, but I don't think that it's proper to promote their existence.