That's all anyone seems to have; theories. They look into the past of the serial killer or murderer and more often than not they have traumatic childhoods, there is research to believe they suffered from some sort of mental illness, others say its an abnormal brain or brain, movies, outside influences...

Personally I believe its a number of factors and that one answer isn't sufficient enough. I know people who have gone through horrific childhoods and they aren't killers. I know people with many different mental illnesses and they don't kill either.

It's human nature to want answers and to put "blame" on something, anything but I'm not so sure it is so simple and the fact that no one answer has been found proves that.

What are your theories? Why do YOU think serial killers do what they do?
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Simply for the same reason anyone would have a fetish or addiction; its taboo and a release. Its like the drugs we're told not to do, it gives you a high. Especialy cause its wrong. Though there are those who'll do it for attention or to get a point across.