My Thoughts On Them Being Needed

I think they're needed as a good vs evil kind of thing. We need contrasts in various degrees. Serial killers are an extreme version of this. But look at how other people use them to define their own morals. Someone can say ' Well, I may be a drug dealer or a thief, but at least I'm not out killing people.' Serial killers create a line others judge their own actions by.

But serial killers disturb society so much because they blend in so well. They seem like everyone else and that is what scares many people. They think that person seemed so normal and they turned out to be a killer, and if they can be a killer than who knows who else is one. People like to stereotype other people. It makes them easy to identify. But when dealing with serial killers, the typical one is just an average person.

It is also used to threaten those that keep a questionable lifestyle. A great number of victims are prostitutes or wanderers. As a deterrent we tell people to play by society's rules: Don't walk the streets selling yourself, there's serial killers out there. Don't be free spirited and go off hitch hiking, a serial killer might pick you up.

They're almost used as a boogieman in modern times.' Don't stray too far from the acceptable and the norm or you'll end up in a shallow grave with someone else wearing your skin.' It tells people not to step out of line, you may offend someone. And the last thing anyone wants is to draw the attention of a psychopath. I think they'll always be a part of us. Society needs them so it's easier to spot the good guys.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

That is a nice well thought out story. I appreciate that, thanks!!