Depends On The Type...

I was just sitting here thinking and wondering, if there is a specific "type" of serial killer that fascinates me most? Not that they aren't interesting, but I'm not drawn to those who kill quickly or that do the same thing over and over raping and then strangling each and every time.

No, I find myself more intrigued by those who "spice it up". While their motive, if they have one, may be the same or what not, I like to research those who make you think. The serial killers that boggle the mind. Those who take their time and you never know what they will do next.

In my opinion those are the most "frightening" to other people and are the hardest to catch. If you do the same thing over and over again it becomes monotonous and gives more likely hood for them to screw up somewhere along the lines. Others would say it gives the serial killer more time to perfect...

Either way it got me thinking and now I'm wondering, what type of serial killer fascinates you most? Are you more interested in those who have the same MO, do you prefer cannibals, are you more intrigued by those that always make you think and you never know what they will do next?
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

What would you think about a serial killer who kills other serial killers, as well as others who they believe have done horrible things to others? I haven't heard of many serial killers like that, but that is definitely why I enjoy watching Dexter.

I really enjoy learning and studying about all kinds of Serial Killers. I'm not really one to have a "Type", but they would have to have at least something that makes me want to learn more. I have never found out what it really was to get me to learn more about each one individually. As a matter of fact, studying about Ted Bundy got me into studying and taking Forensic Science.<br />
Perhaps the one that is more, "Unpredictable" and who does not look like an actual killer is more of my type.