Letters Lust

I have been writing to mass murderers and serial killer for a year now. The psychological apect of it intrigues me. Some of these people are actually mentally ill, others are just getting away with as much as they can before they get caught. Most of them have requested illicit pictures or money, but some have actually wrote back with no requests. My advice, be careful how much personal info you give them, and remember they might still have friends on the outs
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

Found out anything sick or depraved?

Have you written to Richard Ramirez?

Wait... are these people in jail?

these people are either on death row or in for life with no chance f parole

Then I suppose it's okay. They're supposed to be cut off from the society that they tore apart, but I think if that's your fantasy, go for it. No judging.

I am an author researching pen pal relationships of serial killers. Let's chat. My email: penpalgals@aol.com