I Absolutely Love Ann Rule

 SHe is one of the best crime writers !! I find the whole murder plot intersting though . I started reading these types of books when i was about twenty maybe before then ... I think its so interesting to learn about their  mental states and i like A&E alot cause they do alot about  seriel killers and  just murderers who who to stupid and got caught.
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You know I am interested in what makes these guys tick too. I also watch A&E and Court TV Forensic Files. Sometimes I wish I would of chosen a different career path and become a Criminal Profiler.<br />
I want to tell you about something that happened last weekend. My son and I rented a movie last Saturday and we were both craving Taco Bell. So it was about 11:00 pm and we decided to go hit the drive thru. On the way home we passed a car that was broke down on the side of the road. There was a tall dark haired man standing by the car talking on his cell phone. Guess what kind of car he had? The car broke down was a Volkswagon Bug. The guy had a cast on his arm and immediately I looked at my son almost without thinking I said "Well if it isn't Ted Bundy!" My son thought it was funny but it was weird that Ted Bundy came to my mind right away. I have read a lot about these guys. What scares and interests me is that alot of these guys could be your next door neighbor and you would never know.