Best Text On Serial Killers

One of the best texts I have run across thus far about serial killers is "Serial Murderers and Their Victims" by Eric Hickey. Its not some book written by an amateur, its written by an expert and its just like a college text book although it is not boring by any means. Its based on research and interviews with serial killers and Hickey breaks it all down into sub categories and there are many stories of different serial killers to illustrate each chapter.
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I am definitely going to have to find this one.

I recommend a book that came out some years ago, called The Only Living Witness. It is a series of interviews with Ted Bundy over several years, up till a short time before his execution. It is a real and pretty scary look into the thoughts of a serial murderer and rapist. It is VERY revealing and it will stay with you, and it is all prepared if you decide to read it, because it is not like a TV show...but it will give you some real insight into the minds of people like Bundy and it will give you parts of his story that are not in print anywhere else. It's a great book...but be ready for it.

A book like that is right up my alley! I'll order it (hopefully its on Amazon) today! Thanks for the tip! I also just picked up The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers at Barnes n Nobles and its surprisingly pretty good.

I haven't read any super great ones on the Zodiac but I'll ask around and see what I come up with.