When I Was A Kid

when i was a kid, i found murder in general exciting and fascinating...my favorite book to check out from the library at school (and to this day i have no idea why they had this) was a CHILDREN's book about serial killers...no really...it was

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I read the same book @ age 8 - recommended by my best girl pal, who'd been fascinated by the '50s film & TV fad of slo-mo melodramatic stranglings - where cops would drive right across town, climb many flights of stairs & still arrive in time to save the damsel in distress<br />
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This damsel was always top of the class & expert at persuading lil' bro' & sis' & pals to make a stop-start-stop-start game of letting her strangle from every angle<br />
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& do an interview @ how each stage felt<br />
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<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Find-Serial-Killers-Fascinating/2411301" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

Why is there a children's book about serial killers?

There was a book in my library that had vivid pictures of JFK' murder and I used to pull that book out and secretly look at it in elementary school. Is that sick or what?

unfortunately, i do not remember the title.

I never found a children's book on serial killers (who wakes up in the morning thinking about a topic to write a children's book on and goes "serial killers! thats perfect!"), but I still found serial killers fascinating. What inspires such odd behavior is what hooks me in. The story of Elizabeth Bathory and how she allegedly bathed in the blood of her victims simply presented to good of a story to resist. Which story sucked you in?

Mabey it was to teach them the dangers of it??... The story that sucked me in was Ted Brundy. I was (am) facinated by how he always went back to the corpse and had sex with it and 'groomed' it until he was unable to engage in intercouse anymore because it was became skelital. I have to look her up now!