im not crazy.  it's not like im trying to take ted bundy or richard ramirez's tips on serial killing and go try to become a serial killer myself but i find them absolutely fascinating.  i can go to crimelibrary.com and read about them all day.  why?  because i like psychology and a main goal of psychology is to figure out why people do the things they do.  i want to know why jeffrey dahmer did what he did...what in his past turned him on to cannibalism?  is there environmental factors?  is there genetic factors?  social factors?  thats why im so interested in serial killers.  i am also interested in them because it just blows my mind how they can take other people's lives just because.  no reason.  just because.  im not condoning murder on any level...but to go out of your way, to plan a murder over and over again....its just strange how people can be like that
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Cool fact - they kept Jeffrey Dahmers brain after he was executed for science. Pretty sure they didnt find anything on the visual side, but he did have a lot of psychological interviews and was quite co-operative with the interviewers. <br />
There are too many different motivations to make generalisations, but I heard Dahmer was one of sexual gratification. He was a sadist and a necrophilliac. Lots of anger, and lots of power assertion. I would assume that the cannibalism was part of the latter. The ultimate power, you know.. Interesting character, he was.

Maybe something in the forensic field would be a good career for you. Many people are fascinated by this type of thing. I read Caleb Carr - about the biginning of forensics. It was called the Alienist I think.

Serial killers are the fringe of human psychology, and its always interesting to see what its like on the edges. Thats how science it performed too, look at the most extreme cases.