Have you guys heard of Charles Ng and ? Leonard  the other guy ?. Their atrocities were inspired by a book that was recently mentioned on "Criminal Minds," or one of the law shows. It's called "The Collector," by John Fowler. I often wondered how the author felt-not that it was the book's fault, but it must be weird. *gets chills* It's really interesting-during the trial, Ng called on of the jurors from prison to have a mistrail declared. (keep in mind this person had seen the jornals and videotaped torture)  Creepy.
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Yea, I think you're right about that. The cops went onto the property for an unrelated incident and found-oh look- an underground bunker. <br />
When they interviewed Leonard Lake (who was the brains), he popped a cyanide pill, but Ng lived to go to trial, where the jurors had to view the actual tapes. Ack! <br />
His father testified that he had beaten his son when he was a child. The entire thing is a tragedy, and also one of the scariest, creepiest things ever. Also, how do so many people go missing? It baffles the mind. <br />
That is weird. Luckily, though-it's also the peace mecca. So don't get spooked.

Heya Scamutz,<br />
Damn good question. I looked up the song's lyrics (good tune, btw)-it doesn't seem connected. You know, there are a bunch of sites dedicated to TMBG's song(s)-particularly this one. <br />
I can't seem to find a connex, but the book I mentioned is practically a manual (getz creeps). Obviously, the book didn't make them do it, but it's spooky that someone would take it that far. <br />
Anyway, weird segway-but hope you're well. <br />

yeah i've seen a couple different shows on these two and MY GOD! they were frappin' nutso to say the least! those men truly need mental health assistance but it's doubtful they'd heal much or come to grips with real life ... they even killed entire families including small children!