Smartest people with extremely strong emotions. They're superhuman
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victims of a crime stemming from 'strong emotions' as you put it, are more often referred to as 'crimes of passion', and don't occur in a series as serial killings do, but usually occur only once.

I agree with the other reply you received regarding a psychopaths lack of emotion.

maybe you're confusing an emotional state with the pressure that is felt by the killer, or the 'inflammation of the moment' felt by the killer. Pressure definitely makes things intense. So do fears.

i dont know

I'm definitely fascinated by most serial killers IQs

The majority of serials killers are sociopaths or psychopaths. By definition, they lack emotion. That isn't to say they have no emotions, but their emotions are blunted or less noticeable. It is the only reason they can kill, as they don't feel the guilt or revolt that the majority of human beings would it that situation. I find them fascinating too, but they don't have strong emotions. They are extremely intelligent and can show emotion, but its mainly for show, to appear normal and evade suspicion. Dexter is certainly a good TV show to watch, though, if you are interested.

What amount the psychopaths/sociopaths the lack emotion?