In Fact I Have a Whole File Dr...

In fact I have a whole file drawer full of newpaper articles about them. I started collecting them to write short stories and actually I've only written one.When I die I'm sure someone will come across these and think I was one myself or a twisted and warped individual.
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2007

To most, yes, it would scare them to find a whole file on them. It doesn't mean your out to kill others also. Not only do I have files, but I have tons of books and photos around my room. I do get worried also that maybe if some one was to walk in they'd be little frieghtened.

I found an encyclopedia of serial killers in my school library and spent two hours reading it one afternoon. I think the poor girl doing homework next to me thought I was going to get up and kill her when I was done. I suppose it's the burden we bare for morbid curiosity.

I used to be facinated by the psychogical aspects of serial killers, what makes two individuals with similar backrounds ... one is a serial killer , one not? The nightmares i was having , i stopped researching.