Serial Killers Need Love Too!

 I write several "Serial killers. As a matter of fact we are going to start a web site together. Ask a serial killer . com. It should be fun. You will be able to ask questions and read their responces. Until then you can go to  We may even have sports picks. Something for everyone.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2009

The envelop above is from Richard Norbert Clary. You can find addresses on if you want serial killer addresses. Ask a serialkiller will be up soon. I have a ton of Info from Doug Clark (sunset ***** Killer) that I need typed up. I get regular letters from Jablonski and believe me they don't edit anything. Adam Lane and Brian Rosenfeld are going to work with us also. I still am looking for one or two more. And No! Manson didn't write back. I also have all of Alfred Gaynors 2008 Art. (except on piece I gave away called murder beach)

FYI... Manson is NOT a serial killer, deranged yes, cult leader yes but serial killer NO

Well I know that some of the questions I would ask would be censored by the prisons. Because when I wrote to a few I know they had a department that reads everyone's letters (sounds crazy but it's true!) and if they didn't like the letter, the convict never got it. Pissed me off too because even convicts should have just a little bit of privacy!

that's why they call it PRISON

read about them but have never written any!