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I suppose I like to try to use the psychological aspects as interesting about them. I mean, the way they pick out who they take, and how they do it, I mean, it's almost a work of art, or several if you can think to that degree.

I know he's a bit "old school", but I'd have to say that Jack the Ripper was my favorite serial killer, and I know that some people might argue that he didn't exist, but some people don't think the holocaust existed either, and I'm not about to run away from something that is "morally upsetting".

But honestly, I'd love to just sit in the Library for a day and research all the know serial cases in my area, and then expand, it would be so much fun. Also, I'd love to try to find some psychological aspect of how they picked their taken and why.

I'm a little unstable, but I don't think that should trigger any sort of "killers instinct" in me, I mean, I'm too afraid to hurt anything, I know it sounds strange. I've been tempted, but likewise, I've read about suicide, and I'm still here.

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I'm not trying to lock them up or trying to get them to kill more, I'm trying to understand why they do what they do, I want to know what underlying substance is triggered that causes them to kill. Were they beaten as a child? Were they raised by a strange family? Could it be in their family heratige? Or were they just up and a sudden born with this inate desire? Trust me though, I have relatively sick interests, so this doesn't fall too far out of my range.

You know, I'm not quite sure anything other than morbid curiosity draws me to them, I find them very interesting figures, and I suppose I'd like to understand the mindset better, but other than that, my main drive is curiosity.

I see, that's an interesting way to look at it, and I can see where you're coming from.

Well, I don't really see them as monsters, more like, psychological anomelies that are confused as to how to express themselves without lethality or harm to themselves or others.<br />
I think their minds are facinating.

Okay..I'm guilty of this too. I watch Crime Story, any biography of Serial Killers whether on tv..or reading it..I've even researched them online. <br />
<br />
And my reasoning is the same..just plain old curiosity as to how someone can become that sort of monster.

Point(s) taken.<br />
I can see you have a knowladgeable outlook on this, and I thank you for your feedback.