Being the Weirdo That I Am...

It scares the Hell out of me to read 'true' murder stories, but I do find serial killers interesting.


Please, put down the pitchforks.  I'm no Patrick Bateman.  I mainly find the psychology of psychopaths and sociopaths interesting.  I don't think that going around murdering people is 'cool' or can even really be romanticized in anyway.  I especially find the 'nice guy' syndrome interesting.  You know, the one where someone is revealed to have killed 20 teenage girls and everyone interviewed just says "He was such a nice guy".  I think it's amazing how easily some people can hide their true nature. 


Ted Bundy was always one I found particularly interesting - how he pretended to be an invalid in order to lure women to him with sympathy.  I still always refuse to help strangers I see in the street because of this.  They always look at me as though I'm Satan incarnate, but I have a nagging paranoia about people and it's better to be safe than dead.


But anyway, I expect I will always have a deep interest in what makes these people tick.  Like I said, you can be interested in something without becoming involved in it in any way.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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Yeah, you would think you'd tip people off (if you were serial killer) just because having that low regard for life should show up SOMEWHERE. Or maybe I'm just hopeful. <br />
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But people are amazingly good actors. How many abusive people have been lauded as nice guys? How many depressed people killed themselves but "were always happy and didn't have any problems"? Everyone seems to wear a mask, and maybe that's why the "nice guy" serial killers are so fascinating: because that mask was somehow trusted regardless of what was hidden beneath it.<br />
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And then of course there's the funny but common scenario of someone in mid-argument when the phone rings, and when they automatically answer it they sound suddenly calm and friendly. lol People are forever fascinating. And I'm not sure being one of them really helps me understand them that much better!

Yeah, it is utterly fascinating. I've always found it amazing that sociopaths are usually such ordinary and likeable people. Being "normal", I can't imagine how one would hide that they liked to murder people so well. It would be interesting to read up more on the psychology behind it.

lol, you may be spreading that paranoia onto me. Now I really will be thinking twice before I help out a stranger. damn...Or maybe I'll just write about it (I'm a writer), and then hope to eventually get over it. It's crazy how creepy it becomes once you've thought about it.<br />
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I've also always found people fascinating.

Dunno about that. There's crimes and there are crimes...

well I guess he figures it's kinda pointless to feel emotion after the fact...I never *quite* understood how someone could commit a crime (of any type), knowing fully what they doing, then be emotional about it..If they didn't wanna do it, they wouldn't have done it, right? I don't think they regret doing the crime, just getting the punishment! lol!

It's hard to say. What I found interesting about the interview is his utter lack of any emotion what so ever. You can't actually tell what he's feeling at all. It's so...creepy...

Looks can be decieving,but i know what you mean. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly provoked him to start killing.You can generally profile guys like him as there usually white males aged between 20-40 which have suffered some kind of abuse as a child.However Bundy was so articulate and intellant it was hard to believe he was capable so such carnage.He defended himself in court and was no mug,the judge even said that Ted would have made a good lawer but chose the wrong path.Was he simply evil or insane?

Holy Hell, that's scary. I'm watching it now. It's the bit at the start of the "Final Interview" Jan 23rd 1989 where he just says that he killed and raped a load of women, calmly as.<br />
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I think the scariest thing is how normal he is though. He's the generic average guy...

Very Ryuu. Look him up on Bebo and look at the ex<x>pression on Bundy's face. Chilling indeed! I've read lots about him and he was quite a complex person.

No, I haven't. Interesting?

Have you listened to the Bundy interviews?

Indeed he did not. Infact, only a few of his murders were committed in that way. But it was a remarkably clever way of doing it. And unbelievably creepy...

Bundy did'nt always use this method, but was very cunning in what he done indeed.