Grim Sleeper

Anyone keeping up with the Grim Sleeper case?  That guy (or gal) seems to be another Zodiac...only without all the cryptic messages and taunting the police and all...

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Fascinating. I don't watch or read the news and until this year did not have television at all. I wonder if I can track down a copy of the AMW Grim Sleeper video ?

I copied this from Wiki cuz I didn't wanna try to type all of it.<br />
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Grim Sleeper is a nickname[1][2] for an unidentified serial killer in Los Angeles, California. The Grim Sleeper is believed to be responsible for 11 murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles since 1985.<br />
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[edit] Investigation<br />
In May 2007, the murder of Janecia Peters, 25, was linked through DNA analysis to 10 unsolved murders in Los Angeles, the first of which occurred in 1985. The "800 Task Force" was then formed, consisting of seven detectives. As a result of a four-month investigation by the LA Weekly, investigative reporter Christine Pelisek broke the news of the secret 800 Task Force, the linking of Peters' killing to a string of murders going back 23 years, and the fact that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief William Bratton had been silent on the killer's existence. The mayor and chief never issued a press release or warned the South Los Angeles community of the killer's continuing activities. In some cases, the alternative newspaper was the first to inform the families that their daughters had long been confirmed as victims of a serial killer.<br />
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In late August 2008, the same week the Weekly broke the story of Grim Sleeper's body count of 11 victims, an aide to Police Chief William Bratton said he was too busy to comment on the case. [3]<br />
<br />
In early September 2008, officials in Los Angeles announced that they are offering a $500,000 reward to help catch the killer, who has murdered at least 10 women and one man in two sprees over the past 20 years. [2]<br />
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On November 1, 2008, a story about the "Grim Sleeper" appeared on the television program America's Most Wanted. AMW stated that the killer was most likely a black male but did not want to rule out anyone. [4]<br />
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[edit] Victims<br />
These are the names of the "Grim Sleepers" victims in order of attack:<br />
<br />
Debra Jackson [5] <br />
Henrietta Wright <br />
Thomas Steele <br />
Barbara Ware <br />
Bernita Sparks <br />
Mary Lowe <br />
Lachrica Jefferson <br />
Alicia Alexander <br />
Princess Berthomieux <br />
Valerie McCorvey <br />
Janecia Peters<br />
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hope this helps a lil..There's also a website keeping up with what he's up to called

Don't think I've heard of him or(her)