I Hate When People Say They're Inhuman

They have done nothing that shows that they are a cat or something, just cause someone is a serial killer does not mean they are not human. Everything anyone does is in our nature, even if its only done once it was still done. They are so fascinating to read about, their lives are sometimes like a fairy tale from hell. Tommy Lynn Sells is the one who got me into them, I saw him on Most Evil and was just so fascinated with his story. I'm not interested in the kind of "mainstream" serial killers like Manson and them and female serial killers are so painfully boring. My favorite serial killers are Andrei Chikatilo and Albert Fish, they remind me of myself and we share the same ideas.
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Yes you are right. Fish totally was lost in my mind.

:) I think it's harder to analyze yourself than other people because you know yourself well enough to know that you don't know yourself at all... or maybe that's just me.

Well, I'm not too good at self-analysing

Hmm... well, that's disappointing, I suppose. But I can deal. <br />
Oh, right. Probably. I can hardly differentiate between myself sometimes, nevermind other people.

I don't really know why, when I hear it said to others I just think to myself it's condescending, but when it's said to me I feel prideful or something. And no, I ain't really good at keeping cool. You must be confusing me with Ghost, she keeps a straight face even when she's mad.

And what reason have they to call you a monster that makes it okay? Perhaps I'm gettng my people and stories confused, but you're fairly good at keeping composure, right? Forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand why it's okay for you to receive the same judgment. I think you're being unfair to yourself.<br />
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How about we define a monster before we go any further. Something so gruesome and disgusting that it cannot even be considered human. That's my personal definition.

It bothers me because it's a condescending judgement based of ignorance. It's not about what they say, it's about their reason for saying it.

I see what you're saying and I'm hesitant to declare where I stand on that. I realize you don't very well care where I stand, but I'd like to figure it out nonetheless. So, when someone calls you a monster, you're saying that you agree to it. Although, when someone calls another a monster, you're bothered by it? Ehh, I'm not sure that makes a load of sense because what makes you one and the others not? And if it's more of a compliment than anything, why would it bother you that serial killers get called one?<br />
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I think, as I've said before, it is a closed-minded person with little imagination who calls a serial killer or any other being a monster. I also believe that it is someone who has been sucked into society's perception who thinks of calling themselves a monster, regardless of it's negative or positive value. As you may have encountered before, I don't take lightly to a societal view, especially one based off of negative connotation. I'm not sure if that explains it clearly, but do you understand what I'm trying to say?

XC, in my case, it's more because they call me a monster for being me, it sounds like 'you're you', so it's more of a compliment than anything else

Yep, I'm aware of what he did. Yeah, I was thinking about the relations and I thought of the scene where Hannibal hanged the guy over the balcony, which somewhat connects to how Gein kept his women ;D Although, Gein wasn't the only cannibal. Couldn't they have gotten it from someone else? Albert Fish, for example?

I am sure they got ideas for him too but Kruger is one of a kind b/c of his skin burns. I watched a documentary on Gein and they said all of that info on there about the movie killers. Hannibal is for sure because of the cannibalism.

I am sure they got ideas for him too but Kruger is one of a kind b/c of his skin burns. I watched a documentary on Gein and they said all of that info on there about the movie killers. Hannibal is for sure because of the cannibalism.<br />
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He used to dress up and want a sex change (wild bill's character). He also dug up dead bodies and had sex with them but no one has had the cajones to make a movie with that ;)

Theres a fair few who who've done the necro thing.. Bundy and Dahmer are a couple. Also there was a girl found on a college campus and it looked like a sexual homicide - after a bit of digging they found that it was a suicide and the janitor found her and then instead of alerting authorities decided to have s** with her corpse. Just because he could. What the hell!

I admit to watching Hannibal. That was a good one. But I hadn't realized it was based off Gein. I don't know anything about the rest of the guys. I've heard about them, but that's all. Oh, isn't that one guy... EvilDemon, what's his avatar of?

Welll they took Texas Chainsaw, Hannibal, Jason, and Michael and got ideas from Gein for the characters. So he is sort of kind of all of these wrapped into one.

Gein is currently my favorite. I have not seen any of the horror films that deal with him, which I am pleased with because I think they'd ruin my image of him.

Had an ex obsessed with Gein. All the horror movies felt the need to put him into several characters!! Which is/was fine by me just sayin' ...

Ha, yeah, well then it is different because you can prove to them that they're just closed-minded idiots that are blinded by their own foolish desire to remain ignorant of the fact that we're the same species. Unfortunately though, we are.

Bothers me too, but I kinda like it when people yell that to me

That's true... can't argue with that. But the profilers (while highly unlikely to be as great as they seem on the show) are epic. I wish Reid would just pop out of the show and become real. I usually judge movies or shows off their quotes more than anything though and the two that got me were, "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind." ~ Reid; "Your 'God' expects way too much from 15 year old boys." ~ Morgan<br />
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But I also hate when they're negative towards serial killers and saying that they're "sick" or "monsters." It bothers me. But it is what it is, so I'll deal.

I just don't like it, the bad guys are awfully stereotypical, they're like perfect textbook incarnations

Yeah - and the whole investigation is a load of BS. Doesnt happen like that. The worst part for me is when they stand in front of the crowd and give their profile, all of them saying a different part. So annoying. In real life that doesnt happen.

What?! Criminal Minds is amazing! One of my favorite shows! I would have Dr. Reid's babies! Ha ha, false. But still, it is a great show.<br />
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And most female serial killers are ridiculously boring.

I'm NOT boring. And criminal minds sucks

I think people would like to believe they are not human. <br />
<br />
All threw out man kind we have created things in our minds that are better. <br />
<br />
Vampires, werewolfs, Gods, elfs, dwarfs, aliens, angels, mermaids, even mechas. The list goes on and on. Some look human, and some don't. Some are talking animals. We try and related, but at the same time we put them on a pedestal. Something that's like us, but not us. We want to believe in that. Like transhumanism.

I personally don't get why serial killers are given so much beaf. People can go across the border and kills "innocents" - which nobody is ever innocent - and call it war, but when people kill "innocents" here, it's frowned upon. I think our morals are ****** up and I see nothing wrong with taking a life or a hundred. If it makes you happy and makes your life worthwhile, then why not? People overseas defend our freedom and serial killers defend their boredom. If it was up to me, we'd be one of those cities you see in the movies that are on fire and have people killing each other everywhere you go. Survival of the luckiest, fittest, smartest.

They think every life is of vaule, serial killers kind of rock their perfect little boat of ignorance and show them the real vaule of human life. Their god-complex won't allow anyone prove them wrong, so they call anyone who doesn't follow they like blind scum, a monster. Such a shameful fall.

Not unlike Moses who beat Dahmer's count by about 4,983....

Usually when someone uses the word "inhuman" what they're really saying is "not to society's standards." I think this is the great fall of man in that people don't admit to their true selves.

I haven't seen those shows but ones you might like are Most Evil and Criminal Minds

Havent seen Most Evil, and Criminal Minds is entertaining, but completely frustrating. Investigations dont happen like that! Especially profiles - a whole lot more goes into one of those bad boys.

I can't say I'm anything like the serial killers I've heard of, but they interest me from a psychological point of view. Why they do the things they do, and how their brains work, stuff like that. <br />
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Two of my favourite shows are American Justice and Cold Case Files. And Bill Kurtis has the sexiest voice.