Anyone Have Information On This?

 I know that some of you in this group have a vast knowledge on serial killers through the decades so Im hoping one of you can help me on this:

August 27, 1978, 17 year old Janette Reynolds vanished on her way hitchhiking from Middletown to her hometown of Griswold. She had been last seen at Four Corners in Colchester allegedly getting into an International Scout (car) that was believed to be blue and had a white top. The car had been seen heading eastward on Route 16. Nearly a year later, Reynolds was found deceased March 25, 1979 in Groton under the Gold Star Memorial Bridge. Her murder still has not been solved.

It was thought many years ago that many of these cases could have been linked yet no strong evidence has ever proved that. Over the years arrests were made in other sexual assaults, two individuals particularly stand out. 

*This murder though long ago, has very personal importance to me, and has been a dark cloud looming over my entire life, and my family's life. It was this murder that opened the door to my intense fascination with cold case murders, and serial killers. I am wondering if any of you out there would happen to be able to provide me ANY knowledge of any serial killers that were known in the Connecticut area during the 70's. I have done research, but keep hitting brick walls, and would like to know if any one has any knowledge of killers that were in that area during this time period, it would mean the world to me and my family. Thank you!

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There was the Connecticut River Valley Killer who abducted some of his victims from VT I think... He was active in the 70's and 80's. There were some persons of interest, but no suspects ever arrested. I've been wondering if Robert Durst might be behind some of these murders/disappearances since we know he is connected/suspected in the disappearance of Lynne Shulze from Vermont in 1971. Durst also is suspected in the disappearance of Karen Mitchell in 1997 in California. It seems now that Durst was probably a serial killer and cases in CT, VT, NH, and NY are being looked at again in connection to Durst (as per an FBI bulletin to the PD's in all those states recently regarding Durst and considering him in cold cases).

Who knows?

Dear sunset... I am the twin sister to this girl you speak of....why your interest?...

Hey, I can have a look up too, but might take a bit.. How much case info do you have?<br />
Effing cold cases = worst. Way too much time lapsed, no idea then about forensics, and what could be used later... Blah. Too many criticisms. Not too mention ALOT happens in peoples lives in 30 years - like moving, dying and forgetting stuff... <br />
But Ill see what I can dig up.. Can you please inbox me as much info as you can? I get a fair bit of access to the good stuff, so I can see what I can find RE Persons of Interest.

somebody in your family killed 'em then, or you may think, I have looked for more info but nothing specific, and nothing to do with this person I will need more detail if you have it for a thorough search

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I did lash out at some people harshly and if you read my previous post, I also came out and apologized for my behavior. I know that this is a site made for people who do not feel as though belong maybe anywhere else, to come here and find a community that will make them feel welcome, and to not recieve the harsh backlash many people in society would normally give them and for that, Im very sorry, I wasnt really understanding the posts and reacted without thinking. And as for your question on my attatchment to this case, well, it goes a little bit deeper than a relative. And no, she was not slashed with a V.

and i also understand that this may not be connected what so ever, but it is all i know of any serial killings in conneticut around that time.<br />
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then again i wouldnt help you much anyway, seems to me you been upsetting people here in the forums

there has also been more than six victims all with the same v shaped cut across them. it is not hard to find information on anybody, you just have to look in the right direction.

there has also been more than six victims all with the same v shaped cut across them. it is not hard to find information on anybody, you just have to look in the right direction.

a man called Michael Nicholaou is probably the closest person they have as a prime suspect he murdered his third wife, step daughter, and himself in Tampa, Florida in 2005, many, investigators etc, became even more suspicious of Michael's involvement with the disappearance of Michelle (a late victim at the end of 1988. On a hunch, Carty{a main investigator} Googled the phrase, "1988. New England. Murder." Instantly, she found information on the so-called Connecticut River Valley Killer of Vermont and New Hampshire and became suspicious.<br />
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There were a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence that possibly linked Nicholaou to the crime. Michelle's family lived in the Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire and he was familiar with the area. Holyoke, Massachusetts is directly on the I-91 corridor-- all the attacks took place in close proximity to the highway. Jane Boroski reported that she was gripped with a martial arts hold-- Nicholaou was a black belt. Nicholaou owned a Jeep Wagoneer, the same vehicle driven by Boroski's attacker. Nicholaou's mother was a nurse lending credence to the fact that perhaps the killer was intentionally attacking health care workers. The attacks stopped in 1988, the same time that Nicholaou moved away from the area and Michelle disappeared. But, most damning of all, Jane Boroski is convinced that Nicholaou is the man who attacked her based on photographs and one must admit that the police sketch produced based on Jane Boroski's description of her attacker does resemble Nicholaou.<br />
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Police from both Vermont and New Hampshire are investigating the possibility of Nicholaou's involvement with the attacks but no concrete evidence has linked Nicholaou to the killings and police are still looking to find evidence that connects Nicholaou, or someone else<br />
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i'm just woundering if you are related to one of the victims? or related to nicholaou himself? but thats doubtful.

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I dont know if it was a serial killer, and your theory may be dead on. The reason why I am starting to wonder about a serial killer is because I have information on 6 other girls who were murdered in the same fashion, found within the same general area, during the same time fr<x>ame. All share similarities in being teens, blonde, and same build. The police have theorized that these murders are probably linked together, but there has been no sufficient evidence. There have been two men in this area that have remained people of interest, but never has there been enough evidence to indict them. So I dont know, my dream is to solve her murder, it would ease alot of pain in some of my closest loved ones hearts, her mother committed suicide over this, and so I feel as though he didnt just kill Jan, he killed her mother as well, you know?

Seriously f....ed up. Mother did not commit suicide you idiot... where the hell are you getting your info