I Sometimes Wonder What It Would Be Like

I know it's weird and some people think it would be sick but I do someitmes wonder what it would be like to be a serial killer. The blood and guts of it all the smells the sights, the realization of what you are capable of. On some primal level I wonder what it would be like to actually do that to take someone's life.

annesocial annesocial
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

It would be hard work being a cereal killer. You're trying to kill something that doesn't exist. I once killed a mars bar. I then realised life was meaningless and that confectionery wasn't the be-all of life. Stupid convictions, of course Mars is the best product on Earth.

Enjoy yourself, just don't take all the pretty ones.

i dont know about the killing bit bout to be a person who was invisable and targeting people who pick on those who do nothing to those who are bothering them,then maybe throw a few knock out darts so when they wake up they will stop doing what ever they was doing,so their victem could lead a hassle free life,as these a enougth bloog and guts with these endless wars.....