While Growing Up....

My father would read those crime stories and detective books when he first started in the P.A doing his police training..i was 5yrs old.....as i got older i would spend alot of time in his room while he was at work..reading his reports and looking at photos of murder scenes...and boy would i get in trouble when he found out.....the first book i saw was about Ed Gein..i was looking on the map since we are not to far for Wisconsin and i wanted to drive up to see his house..but by the time i was old enough they had knocked it down due to all the curious ppl like me....i remember seeing photos of Ed Geins house and some of the bodies and i kept wondering how does someone get like this? I see a common factor or "mommy" issues....even with Charles Manson tho not a serial killer...i find him interesting...i wonder what "power" he had....then to another "group" i belong to here..."manipulating" others....i see how some ppl are very easily manipulated to the point of boredom. I am just curious as to how Ted Bundy could cross the line and become that guy who mothers warn their kids about. John Wayne Gacy who lived not to far from here....and to say "i'm NOT gay" yet have sex with young boys...those demons that each person possessed within themselves must have been so strong to fight that they just gave in...i know each one of us has a "demon" or two to keep under control however where does that "right & wrong" line start and stop? does part of their brain not work properly .... i wonder how many of them had head injuries.....this kind of topic, i think makes some ppl feel very uncomfortable..wonder why?

WindyCityCat WindyCityCat
41-45, F
Apr 19, 2010