One Of My Fantasies

One of my fantasies I’d like to come true.


Take my wife out for the weekend. Have her dress sexy like she does and tell her lets go to one of the casino in the area. This will get her excited as when she is on the slots she gets really gets in a good mood. We would go and as I enjoy watching her play as this lets me watch other guys try to get to seat next to her. I love it as she looks for a machine to play as she is never aware of how many guys are checking out her body. I like when they see me with her and think is this her dad or what and then realize we are husband and wife. As we sit playing the slots a man that is polite sits down next to her and starts playing the slot next to her and starts up a friendly conversation. After a while he mentions to us that my wife seems to have a lot of luck and asks if she could share this luck with him. I say sure and he asks if she would just touch his slot and see if that would change his luck. After he wins a few he looks for the bar hop and sakes my wife what she likes to drink and she would say Rum and coke.  He asks the lady to bring my beautiful wife a drink and at the same time looks at me and says you too are a married and asks me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife. My wife loves to have that stuff said and loves the attention. He keeps up with some conversation with us and as he wins he keeps saying you brought me luck. My wife only needs about 4 drinks and she would start loosening up. I would then say it’s my turn to buy a round and go to the bar and see what happens. He would continue his conversation with her and ask her if she would just touch his slot again and as she did he would tell her well lets keep the luck coming. When I return he would have her really comfortable with him. I would then try to touch her in a few sneaky moves to a few spots on her body to start getting her horny as the drinks always get her going and if she’s winning she gets really hot. This is where it gets tricky cause I am not sure how to judge the guy, my feelings, hers. But to get it to move further I am not sure. I know I love to see her when she is having her having a good time but want her to also want more. We would figure out how to get her to go back to a room hopefully with a Jacuzzi and I would make sure she had her swimsuit with us as to use the Jacuzzi. We would get her in the tub and with more drinks really have some fun. My problem is to figure out that she would want it too. If the guy is married we know he should be safe to be with. Or does this whole fantasy take a place with a couple, just not sure. I know so many times that my wife and I are making love that I *** too soon and I love seeing her face when she is really getting into it but then I *** to soon. Any ideas?

Hooserandher Hooserandher
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

My wife and I have not yet added someone else into our sex took us a while to have the conversation (and now we have some medical issues to overcome before we get back to following the fantasy)...have you talked to her about this? If not - you should...<br />
The way it worked for me - I got her into anal sex first...and sometimes I would go 'back and forth' with my **** --- ******* her ***** then her *** --- over and over - making her want it really badly...then I used a slim/short toy in her *** and kept it there while I pounded her *****...after a couple different times doing this I started telling her (while I was pounding her) - " I wish there were 2 of me so I could pound both holes at once' - which eventually led to 'I wish I could give you a TRUE dp instead of me and a toy' ... Subtle change in dirty talk - but she soon started saying it herself - the first time she said it...I initiated the conversation afterwards --- <br />
Even with wanting the fantasy- you still need to be careful of the emotional side---no 'take-backsies' wife and I were still unsure of the unintentional jealousy factor...sooo the compromise is --- when we are ready again --- is to find another couple - that way emotionally its as equal as possible...<br />
<br />
As for the ******* too fast - With some medical issues my wife has had over the past year - our sex life is not as frequent as I would like...and when we have it I usually *** very quickly...If its frequency that compounds it - I ********** every couple days (or more :-) )so I'm not quite as sensitive when we have sex... If that doesn't help - have you tried the prolong cremes? They really do work (they are de-sensitizers) but you have to put them on 20 mins before-hand.<br />
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Another thing to try - I always try to find ways to make her ****** before I enter her - and then after I do and I am getting close to the edge - I pull out and try other things so I can last longer (you can get creative here as long as you know what it is you are going to try)...some ideas : <br />
these all assume she is on all-fours in front of you...pull out and quickly:<br />
1) glue your mouth to her ***** - long tongue strokes and finger/tongue her ***...hold her firmly in place with your arms so she can't move<br />
2) have a glass / acrylic ***** prepped --- keep it in the freezer and grab it out before you start --- that way when you pull out and quickly put it in her it is still cold...she won't know what hit her and she will constrict and *** hard!<br />
3) get a harness for you to wear - pull out of her and tell her what you are going to do...this will give you a break so you can last longer and allow her to get some anticipation going for the pounding to ***<br />
4) Another option - tell your wife beforehand what you want - go ahead and *** - and have a penis pump on hand...they were originally created to help men become ***, use a pump and be hard again (might want to add a **** ring as well) - should get you hard enough for a second round...<br />
<br />
Let us know how it goes!