Very Erotic Exotic Dancer

I am not a connoiseur of exotic dance clubs, but I have indeed been to quite a few. I've been to a few that are extremely nice, with terrific ambiance and lots of dancers. This particular club is quite nice, among the nicest I've visited. It has a second floor balcony that surrounds the dance floor. The furniture, although still commercial grade, is very high end. Once I'm seated, I call over one of the floor men and tip him generously, telling him that I want to see Jennifer.

"Ahhh...she mentioned she had a very special friend coming to see her tonight. I'll let her know you're here," the man says with an accommodating smile.

My seat is facing the stage, where a beautiful dark haired woman is dancing. She is clearly very skilled, which is a rare talent among exotic dancers. I've found that most are rather awkward and don't really have a knack for what erotic dance really is. Practically any girl can get up on stage and bounce around to music. A dancer knows the art of tease. She knows what kind of looks and what kind of moves turn men on. She knows just how to touch and just how to talk in order to create the illusion of desire. This particular girl has olive skin and ample breasts. Her *** is absolutely perfect and her six inch heels make her lovely legs look even more incredible. As I sit and watch her, mentally critiquing her style, I suddenly feel soft warm hands on both sides of my face from behind. The hands softly caress my cheeks and I sense someone leaning down behind me. I'm here for one woman only, so I mentally prepare my polite dismissal.

"I ****** her last night, Bart. Her ***** is soooo sweet," I hear in my ear. It's a soft sensuous whisper. I smile to myself, but don't turn around. I know it's Jennifer. "Does that turn you on? Does it make your **** hard to imagine my face buried in her ****? God she was good. She screamed and orgasmed so many times. When I finally exhausted her, she got between my legs and ate my ****** like I've never been eaten in my life. You're going to have to work hard to top her."

I turn my face slightly toward Jennifer so she can hear me over the music. "I would never presume to be able to please a woman as well as another woman can. But if you're patient, I will do my best, love."

Jennifer continues softly rubbing my cheeks, not moving from her position behind me. "Do you want to **** her?" Her question is matter of fact, without a hint of jealousy. "Tonight is mine, but I can ask her to come with us tomorrow if you want a three way. I'd love to have you **** me from behind while my face is in her ****....mmmmm.....then let her eat your *** from my *****. Would you like that?"

"I would like that," I say with reserved pleasure. I'm here to be with Jennifer, and I don't want her thinking otherwise. If she truly wants the dark haired goddess to join us, I will certainly be game, but I don't want to give Jennifer the impression that I desire anyone else but her. As I fantasize about Jennifer's suggestion, I sense, more than feel, her move around the chair to my left side. I glance up to see her gorgeous form in person for the first time. I catch my breath for a brief moment as I gaze on her beauty. She is wearing a black fishnet bra and panties, more like a bikini than underwear. Draped over her shoulders is a fishnet shawl of the same material and a matching sarong is around her waist. She doesn't ask to sit down. Rather, she gracefully comes around the chair and lowers herself onto my lap, leaning against my left chest, snuggling. I turn to her face and she leans up and softly kisses my lips.

"We can't do much here. I'm not even supposed to kiss you, but I couldn't help myself. Are you going to stay all night? I'm off at 2am."

I know from glancing at my watch a few minutes ago that it is already midnight. I make a mental note to limit my drinking, then nod my head. "Of course I'm going to stay all night with you. Are you going to get in trouble if I monopolize your time?"

"They expect me to pay out something at the end of the night. But at 12 songs an hour and $40 a dance, it will get pretty pricey for you," she says with a smile. I can tell she is trying to guage my reaction. I return her smile non-commitally.

"Silly Boy!" she exclaims. "I'm not going to make you pay for my company!" She laughs happily. "I wanted to see your reaction but you didn't react. I've made plenty tonight, so the rest of my night belongs to you. Give me enough to pay off the goons and you own me for the rest of the evening."

Her smile is genuine and happy. I reach into my shirt pocket and extract two "bennies". I tuck them into her bra, sliding my palm over her nipple as I rub my hand down her breast to her stomach. My hand lingers there on Jennifer's bare stomach, rubbing in a slow circle. She moves her face close to my neck and I feel her hot breath below my ear.

"That is too much," she whispers softly. "But if it's okay, I can buy myself something nice with what is left over. That way I won't feel like a call-girl."

I kiss her cheek softly in response. It wasn't my intention to make her feel like a prostitute. Before I can think of an eloquent response, I feel her hand slide under my shirt and rub my chest. My shirt is hawaiian style and un-tucked. I chose it specifically in case she wanted to get her hand under it.

"Do you like having your nipples sucked and played with?" She whispers huskily in my ear. "It's not gay. A lot of guys like it, if the right girl is doing it." She takes my right nipple in her fingers and rolls it, squeezing firmly. I gasp in response, but don't object. The fact is that I love having my nipples played with. Many guys might think it's queer, but I've had several girls who did it for me and it is an incredible turn on. She continues pressing her face against my shoulder and slides her hand down my belly, causing me to moan softly. Jennifer's hand is warm and soft and feels incredible. It continues moving lower until she slides it right into my pants, taking my **** in her hand.

"I hope this isn't too bold," she asks, laughing softly. "I figure we know each other well enough by now that I can play with your **** without having to ask."

"Love, you can play with anything you want," I reply.

"Let's go somewhere more private. This place has a fabulous VIP area. We can be completely alone in our own little cubicle. There aren't any doors, of course, but it's the most private place I've ever been."

I watch as she stands up, admiring her body once again. She smiles, winks, and take my hand, then leads me across the room to a staircase. I pay the man at the foot of the stairs and we walk up, her arm around me as if we are dating. We go up two flights of stairs and across the balcony that looks over the entire room below. We find our cubicle on the left and go inside. The room has a couch and two chairs, with several small tables. It is clearly intended for muliple people, for those men who like a large party. The moment we walk through the door, she spins me around and pushes me down to the sofa. She climbs on my lap and immediately starts kissing me deeply and sensuously. Her tongue dances with mine, our liplock is desperate with built up passion. She grinds her ***** against my **** vigorously, then holds it against me pressing hard.

"I am going to make you *** so ******* good," she says, finally breaking the kiss. She looks straight into my eyes with a serious face. "Mmmmm...but you don't get to *** here, Daddy." She pecks my lips teasingly. "I'm not going to let you waste your load in your pants. I want it in my mouth. Then I want another in my *****. You don't mind me calling you Daddy, do you? I know a lot of guys your age kinda like it"

Jennifer grinds her ***** against my **** again, making me crazy. She leans down to my ear and whispers again. "And then I want a load in my ***, Daddy. I want to feel your nice **** **** my little bum hole. I'm going to keep you here for the rest of the night and make you so ******* horny that you *** in my mouth the moment we get to your hotel. Then we're going to **** all night long. What do you think of that, Daddy?"

"Mmmm....that sounds fabulous, love. And I do like hearing you call me Daddy. But, you have some very high expectations. I'm not sure even a super-stud could keep up with you," I say smiling.

"I've got a few tricks to keep your **** hard, Daddy. And when those don't work anymore, I have some little blue pills that will do the job." She leans back to see my reaction. My face looks as if I've been mildly insulted. She kisses me softly on the lips. "Shhhh...don't feel hurt. I can feel your hard on. I know you don't have a limp ****. But I also know that I am hard to keep up with. Trust me that you will love it as much as me."

I have indeed heard of men using the little blue pills for recreational purposes and have actually wanted to try it myself. Therefore, I'm not really terribly insulted by herr suggestion. My slight ego bruise passes quickly as she moves her mouth back to my ear.

"I'm so ******* horny right now. I could **** you right here," she says with husky passion. "God I wish I could. They told us we would be arrested if we did, so I can't take a chance, but god I need to ******* *** so bad."

"I can solve that little problem for you, my little ****," I say into her ear. I take Jennifer's hips with my hands and slide her back toward my knees, spreading my legs as I do. This has the effect of spreading her legs as well, as they are draped over mine. I slide my hand under her panties as she looks at my face. She glances at the door quickly, then turns back to me." me, Daddy."

She puts her hands on my shoulders as I slide my fingers up and down her soaking labia. I find her **** with my thumb and softly rub it, teasing her. I slide two fingers into her ******, while keeping my thumb on her ****, rubbing in a slow firm circle. My fingers press up against the roof of her *****, finding her g-spot. I press firmly and rub it as my thumb works her ****.

"Fuuuckkkkk...oh fuckkk," she whispers, looking in my eyes with determination. "Oh ******* do it...******* get me off."

"Are you my little **** tonight?"

"Yes...**** yes."

"I'm going to put my **** in all your holes, Jennifer. I'm going to **** every one of your slutty holes raw tonight," I say while pressing my thumb firmly on her ****."I'm going to spank your hot little ***, and then **** it. Then spank your sweet juicy lips and **** them. I'm going to fill your slutty mouth with *** and make you beg for more. Your going to be my little **** toy tonight, Jennifer. My own personal little ****. Your going to show me everything your hot little body can do. Your going to suck my *** in every way you can...with your mouth, your ***, and especially your slutty little ****."

Jennifer gasps and tilt her head back moaning a stifled moan. I feel her ***** clench my fingers, and hot juice gush from her folds. I watch her body convulse as she leans her head forward against mine, our foreheads touching. Her hot panting is incredibly erotic to me."God so...*******.....dirtyyy," she says gasping. "I want your **** so ******* bad. I want it deep in my hot ******. I want to grind my **** against your loins. I want to **** and **** and ****..."

I press her **** again and push my finger tips hard up against her g-spot. "Keep talking," I order.

"Ohhhhhhh....goddddddddddddddd...." she moans, fighting to keep her voice down. She looks back at the doorway as she **** again. "Fuuuckkk....we're going to get thrown out...****....****....godddd...fuckkkkk." She bucks her hips ******* my fingers as her ***** clenches them hard. She thrusts forward, taking them as deep as she can in her *****. She wraps her hands around my head and pulls my mouth to hers, kissing me hard.

"I gotta have it. I don't care," she says as she quickly climbs off my lap. "Move over there so they can't see you as well." She points to the corner of the couch that is best sheilded from the hallway.

I slide over to the end of the couch. Her hand is on my zipper the entire time. When I settle in, Jennifer unzips my pants and unbuttons the button. She takes my **** out with feverish desperation and instantly has it in her mouth. She sucks it deep into her mouth as she pushes her head down, then holds it there as if savoring the feeling and the taste. She then moves head up quickly. This is not **** "worship", this is **** "sucking". She moves her hand up and down along the shaft as she bobs her head up and down in rythm. Each time she touches the tip with her tongue it sends electric pulses to my loins.She takes her mouth off my **** briefly and look up at me.

"*** now...just ******* ***," she says, rubbing my **** up and down quickly with her hand. "******* do it...."

She puts her mouth back on the tip and strokes quickly with her hand. Her nasty words send me over the edge and it is barely a moment after she puts her mouth back down that my **** starts pulsing and *******. I feel as well as hear her moan as she grips my **** with her hand, milking it....draining it. She holds her mouth over the tip and sucks deeply as if drinking from a huge straw, drawing the final drops of ***** from my raging hard ****.

As my breathing returns to normal, she zips my pants and climbs up against me, laying her head on my shoulder. "I'm done working here for the night. Let's go to your hotel," she whispers softly.

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real nice! just in time for valentines...haha! i'll make a mental note of this... i'll try it this weekend!