****** Food

i am very sexual and submissive. i believe in serving and pleasing men.  i am sometime ridiculed for this, however, that s all part of the experience of humiliation. Dominant men seem to enjoy humiliating submissives.  i love to cook and serve meals to men. Usually i am commanded to be topless, with a thong and thigh highs. i have learned to be groped and hit/spanked while carrying a tray. At the last paty i served i was made into a tray and the food placed on me. Wheb i was empty the gentlemen sgueezed my **** to make sure that they were real. My *** and ***** were inspected for approval. Then glycerin was rubbed all over me as i gave a gentlemen a blow job, on my knees, another submissive rubbed home made jam on the **** and i ate it and he came all over my face. Chocolate that i made was melted and poured all over my ****. The men were served strawberries by other slaves who dipped them in the *** chocolate.  One of the slaves was ordered ti lick me clean as the gentlemen watched, for their amusement. This experience came to an end when my holes were inspected and then used and used well and hard. hot sauce was put on the condom, prior to banging me. i love painful sodomy and i love to be made to cry as i receive a good *** banging.

Thats my most recent **** experience with food.


imvictimfuckin food

imvictim imvictim
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Very sexy! A very good girl! I'd love to get to know you. Add me please

Ma'am,<br />
i am on all fours begging to be tied and tortured by You the only domineering Woman i know. Pleas i beg like a common lowly slave for the champagne bottle up my ****. Please teach me obedience the torture that You described. i will obey!

If you dare *** without my permission while the bubbles from the champagne flood your depths and tingle your walls like a fizzer on the tongue, then I will take whipped cream to your ***. Not on it, but in it ****. The whipped cream will be the only lube you will deserve for your *** *******. To teach you obedience, your nipples will be clamped and so will your ****, all joined together. And as you buck from the betrayal of your ***, as your **** bounce they will pull against your clamps, which will also cause your **** clamp to be pulled, forcing you to endure the pain. Obey!

Ma'am, Wow!!!!!!!<br />
i have been taught to be a slave, servaant ,**** and everyone calls this **** **** to remind my simple brain of ***** place as a slave.. You have the command of a Man and thankyou for the lesson that there is MALE SUPRMACY and some WOMEN are SUPERIOR over dumb ******* like this ****. WOW, **** NEVER HEARD A WOMAN SOUND SO COMMANDING. iF I WERE PERMITTED I WOULD LOVE TO SERVE yOU AND HAVE MOUTHFULS OF YOUR JUICES.<br />
Thank you, ****

I am a woman, but you will serve me ****. You don't know what it is to be tied up and used and humiliated until a woman has done it to you. You will be my peasant, my toy. I demand loyalty. If you do not submit you will be punished. I will tie you down on all fours, *** up and shake a bottle of champagne until it is ready to explode and then I will empty it into your **** with all it's force. You will submit!

Sir,<br />
Your pet is a lucky *****...**** does not get eat as much as **** would like...but its not about **** its about the Man **** belongs to or is serving. **** gets so off on bringing pleasure to Men as Your kind deserve us ******* to cooperate and submit to whatever it is turns You on. Your ***** is luscky You enjoy tasting the ****. Sir may this **** be permitted to say what Sir describes with the fruit is so ****** hot.. you are brilliant, as Men are to tie her to a post because whether ******* admit it or not we all love to have the feeling of a Man taking our power away thru bondage, it would makke this **** soaked and sot and feeling so submissive. This is why women love rape but most are too scared to admit it. . This **** is on her knees to You Sir<br />

A favorite dessert of mine so to fill the womb of my pet with a fruit cocktail, strawberrys, canolope, melon, bannana, add some of her juicyes as she **** on command and have a light afternoon snack eating my way through the day! Laying under her as she stradles my face and drips the juices into my mouth. Having her tied to a post increases her excitment as I can then tease her longer.<br />
<br />

i was given permission to reread the story i wrote. women should beg for toolls to **** the various hole on the female body..this **** loves to be used and to obey Men as they are so much more important than women...we are sinply put *******.<br />

I love a women who knows her place. At my feet, waiting for my commands! Begging to be fed by my tool.

Dominant Men are always to be revered and obeyed.

A submissive female is a wonderful possession, especially one that likes to be used.