Sexual Fantasies Can Add Spice To Life

I find sexual fantasies are definitely fascinating.  I'm not talking about fantasies that involve anything illegal, degrading or dangerous.  I'm talking about fantasies that can be enjoyed by two people in the privacy of the bedroom.  Perhaps the fantasy begins outside of the bedroom, but the final act or acts are carried out in private.

Fanasies that are played upon and acted out can liven up any relationship.  Of course, any fantasy that is going to be played out should be safe, sane and consensual.

Perhaps it could be as simple as a kidnapping role playing game.  I'm adding such.  If the response is good.  I'll add more.



          It was dark when she left the office, again.  She did not like working this late and leaving by herself, but she had a goal and she was determined to achieve it.  She had heard from the first that a woman had never broken through the glass ceiling at the Treadstone Corporation and she had made it her goal to do just that.

          Right at the moment, though, all she was thinking about was getting home, finishing the proposal that she was working on, then taking a long, leisurely bath and donning a pair of soft, silk pajamas.  The only thing that would make it complete was if she could have a man give her a bath and then spend the rest of the evening providing her with all of the pleasure that she desired.

          Adriana had always been an achiever in everything that she had ever undertaken; whether it was education, sports or her favorite past time in the alternative lifestyle of BDSM.  Of course, she knew that if the executives within the Corporation knew of her alternative lifestyle it would be the end of a very rewarding and lucrative career as an acquisitions specialist.  She was currently working on an acquisition that would take the Corporation to the apex of worldwide holdings in the precious metals market.  It would also make her a very wealthy woman.

          The elevator doors opened and she stepped out into the executive parking garage.  There were few cars parked there at this time of the evening.  Her MB 580 SL, was parked on the far side of the large expanse.  Even though she had executive parking privileges, she was still not able to park any closer.  She looked around and assured herself that it was safe to make the fifty yard walk to her car.  Recently, there had been an attack on a young woman in one of the other levels of the parking garage, but that area had been much more open and accessible than where she parked.  The attack had been a possible abduction, but luckily, the attack had been thwarted by the intervention of a watchful security person.  The attacker had never been caught.

          Adriana walked quickly to her car, the echoes of her footsteps, reverberated around her.  She was carrying a leather satchel that contained the work she was taking home with her, on one shoulder and her purse on the other.  She stopped at her car and was fumbling for her keys in her purse when she was shoved hard against her car and pinioned in such a manner that she could not move.  A large hand clamped a rag over her mouth and nose and she was forced to inhale the sweet fumes of the chloroform. 

She struggled against her attacker, which only caused her to breathe in more deeply.  Her knees grew weak and then she was encased in blackness.

Her attacker worked quickly and efficiently, finding the keys in her purse, he moved her to the rear of the car, opened the trunk and pushed the woman facedown into the dark recess.  From a satchel that had been on the passenger side of the vehicle, he removed a set of leather restraints which consisted of a leather hog-tie and basic wrist and ankle cuffs.  He secured the woman with the items before putting a ball gag and blindfold head harness on her head.  The last item was a leather restraint that connected to the side of the head harness and the hog tie restraint.  This kept the woman’s head turned to the side and did not put undue stress on her neck.  The woman would not be able to move or cry out during the trip to the secluded mountain cabin where he would keep her.  She would be very uncomfortable during the trip, completely restrained and very helpless.  The last thing he did was to make sure that the woman was breathing.  He knew that she would waken during the three-hour trip, totally confused and full of fear.

The man closed the lid of the trunk, shutting the woman in total darkness.  He opened the driver’s door and quickly gathered up the woman’s purse, leather satchel and shoes that she had kicked off during her brief, initial struggles.  He tossed these items onto the floor behind the driver’s seat, before he got in the car and started it.  He looked at his watch.  It had taken him a total of four minutes to make his capture.  It was well within the period he had set.

The man drove out of the parking garage and made the right turn just as the woman did every time she left the garage.  The virus video that he had been able to feed into the security cameras would show the woman walking to her car, getting in and leaving in a normal manner.  Nothing would show of the attack and abduction.  The next five days would be a challenge, but in the end, it would pay very well.

The man was a professional kidnapper and his specialty was with women.  He did kidnappings and punishments on assignment.  He never questioned the motive of an employer as long as he was provided a safe haven, security and the fees that he demanded.  He would have four days with this woman in which to teach her a lesson.  He wants her to be so used up and so punished and so afraid that she will never ever open her mouth up to any man ever again.

Adriana awakened in a haze of unclarity and nausea.  The only thing that she was clear about was that she was on her stomach and unable to see or move.  She could sense movement and sound, but nothing else.  Fear engulfed her as she struggled against her bindings.  Then she became aware that the movement had stopped and her heartbeat quickened when she heard the trunk lid open.  She couldn’t see anything and then she felt herself being lifted and carried a short distance.  She attempted to struggle, but the restraints with which she was bound and the position of her arms and legs only caused pain, when she fought against them.  She felt herself being lowered into another space, then the sound of a door or trunk lid being closed.   Then she heard a car engine start and the motion began again.  She was terrified and then angry with herself for having been so careless.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I like it so far, please continue!

Thank you imvictim. I have always wanted to play out a role playing game with a willing victim, but make it just real enough to cause some feelings of fear in the victim.

As a submissive women who fantasizes of the erotic nature ofkidnapping, i enjoyed this story. There is nothing like a man teaching a woman the lesson of bever speaking back or getting in the way of men's buisness. Oh, to be gagged, blindfolded and hogtied while being taught a lesson by a powerful man. I'm in.