What Does 'heart-felt' Mean?

i've been coasting about, somewhat numb, somewhat removed from the everyday.
my encounters with others seem just that, a mere encounter, like the encounters one experiences of passersby; requiring nothing being invested.

but these everyday beings are part of my life, no mere casual acquaintance or passing stranger, and yet i don't know if i truly feel for them, not in what is deemed a heart-felt emotion. perhaps this emotion died over the course of time, no fault of present companions. can't seem to resurrect the dead.
perhaps this emotion is just currently deeply suppressed due to recent losses of livelong companions.
or perhaps i'm too deep within my mind to allow any physical feelings to occur.
is heart-felt emotion to be truly felt in the body? 
or is it not just a fabricated illusion of the mind? 
if it is my mind that just will not let me believe i may be valued by others, loved by others,
what can be done to persuade my mind to allow me to reciprocate this freely-given, unconditional love?

perhaps time in meditation can resurrect this emotion of which i am currently void.
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2 Responses May 26, 2010

I go through my days just trying to fill them with anything to make the time move faster so I can sleep. Joy is something alien to me anymore however I am not unhappy. happy and sad are meaningless. I did however get a huge burst of emotion recently when my daughter OD'd and was dead for a brief period of time. They brought her back..but knowing she had been dead...it took almost 24 hours for the emotion to surface and then i lost it. I think no matter how blank you are, the emotion is there burried way under. In all honesty I like being this way. Unemotional. I dont have enough room for everyday emotion others seem to portray.

I feel like that sometimes, more and more actually, but I keep trying.....breath and meditate as you said and maybe we will all come around :)