I Would Be A Different Person Without Them In My Life

Nothing brings me more peace than animals, and many ep peeps know that about me.
the rescue facility i work at, is my second home. If there's no work that day, it doesn't matter, i'll be there. The animals can't clean and feed themselves after all. I talk to all of them, even the insects lol. Some of the animals know exactly when i've come in, and start making their unique noises until i feed them.
Totally a win/win situation. I help them, in turn they help me more than they will ever know.
The owner of the facility has been mumbling about giving it one more year, to see if we can pull in more money to feed them, as we have no gov't funding...and if not, he might possibly retire. God i hope that doesn't happen, whatever would i do with myself. This has been my calling...and no other animal place has as much "hands on" as this facility...
oh well, no need to get my nickers in a twist just yet....i shall just enjoy the year
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Lovely story. It is great that you have such an affinity with animals, such a shame that it might not last. At least if it doesn't you will know you made such a difference to their lives.
I am glad they warm your heart!

thank you for commenting :)