My Strong Alpha Male

I married a Tall Strong Muscular and Extrememly Hung Alpha Male. I love it when he picks me up and kisses me! he makes me feel so safe in those huge arms of his! I love it so much! there is something about being with such a big strong man that makes me feel like a woman! And he's not aggressive with other guys, in fact most guys love him and want to be his friend- he just has that natural leadership quality that makes other guys want to follow him. Last month when we were at the movies, I was waiting for him outside the restroom and this group of guys came out talking about "that guys huge ****!" "That thing was the biggest one I have ever seen!" When they met up with their girlfriends I could hear the girls giggling when the guys told them about my hubbys huge size. When he came out the girls al collectively gasped when they saw how handsome and muscular he is. These girls were half his age and he could have had them all if he wanted--and he had no idea! hee hee! So I went up to him gave him a kiss and grabbed his bulge through his pants and gave it a big shake and looked over and winked at the girls! They got so embarrassed! ha ha ha. Then I said to hubby "you didn't use the stall in thee did you honey?" --He said "how did you know?" I just laughed and gave him another kiss! My big hung sexy alpha!
deedeebeebee deedeebeebee
41-45, F
4 Responses May 8, 2012

Wow! You're. Very lucky girl

Yes I sure am!

Tall- Big Muscles, Big P, Attractive, great hair,, yep he is an Alpha!

I remember when we were out together at that restauraunt and those guys were talking about him when we were at the bar. That was so funny! He is a huge Alpha for sure!

when can i see IT