I Hate Customers Who Insist That They're Right When They're Obviously Wrong

I work in an industry where we get people in all day complaining about mundane things.  Most of them are correct and I handle their requests with speed and diligence and then follow up to ensure their happiness with the service.

Then again, there are those that I would love to slam into a wall just for the sheer fun of it.

Case in point, one customer who is absolutely difficult to everyone on the staff and has been since the day she started fails to pay her bill in full and then when she is sent a balance due notice she calls the district office demanding that she owes nothing and calling me (the one who sent her the balance due notice) incompetent.

She's rude, arrogant, only hears what she wants to hear and pays no mind to what she doesn't deem important.  It isn't just me, it's my entire staff that she is this way too.

I would love to just push her thru a plate glass window and tell her that next time to listen to what she's told, read her damned contract and shut the hell up until she knows what she's talking about.

That is just one of 3 that I have...the rest are okay and quite nice, even when they get a balance due notice.

I go out of my way to avoid her because one time I fear that she'll push me when I am not into dealing with it and I will tell her what she can do with her pompous self.

Roaring20s Roaring20s
41-45, M
Nov 10, 2008