This One Was Just Crazy!

Sorry, no offense to those who are bi-polar... A couple days ago I was working my neighborhood going door to door when this girl walks by looking completely lost, but with a purpose and lucid. She asked me a few questions and then walked away leaving the complex. I went to a couple more houses when an older lady walked up to me asking if I had seen a thin Indian girl. I said yes and told her that she walked out of the complex. This upset the lady terribly as "she is bi-polar and has decided to stop taking her meds. Her mother is at work. And I would like to make sure she is ok" I looked over and saw that the girl had entered the complex again and was coming towards us.

When she got to us she started getting agitated that I (AT&T) had dug up her front yard and left the hole there. I clarified that I didn't do that at all, and I understood her concern. But it wasn't AT&T as that morning I saw a couple of trucks bring the people to dig up the yard... and they were not in any utility truck. The lady at this point trying to distract the girl asked me why I was coming to her house. I said "Your neighborhood has been updated with fiber optics..." The girl EXPLODED!  "Who am I to put that in the area", "It wasn't requested", "I had no right to do this without permission!" She is SCREAMING! The lady somehow steers the girl verbally to go home. On the way she kept turning around to yell at me! I've never seen someone so ENRAGED!

The lady looked at me as the girl took the corner out of sight and said "I'm going to go after her... YOU RUN THAT WAY!"  I was in a house when I saw the girl go by again... Thankfully I was safely in a house!

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oh becareful without meds she can explode easily-dosent take alot to flip their trigger!

*laughing* Thank you! I was actually sent out of the area for the past 2 days but had to go back to see a couple people... I was looking every where for her... trying to avoid her. The sad thing is that I wear a FLORESCENT ORANGE shirt... I look like a construction cone with legs! So I wouldn't be able to hide from her... thankfully she wasn't out!<br />
<br />
It was a learning experience... and I'm glad also it was just yelling! *smiles*

You are just doing your job and someone becomes enraged over nothing and it is not even somthing you did. WOW.<br />
I am glad it was only yelling and not worse. You don't need the stress.<br />
Best of luck today...DD