911 X 3 ???

Did you see were some one called 911 three times over tater tots?


Dewduster Dewduster
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

In my book it is--> lllo (read between the lines)...DD

Over here 911 is actually 999. Some clown called it and asked an ambulance to bring him gigs and a pizza. I would have nailed him to the floor just out of reach of the phone.

I once had a lady who was not sure what size of pajamas she should get for her two toddlers. I asked her how old they were, how big and tried to find the PJs for them.<br />
<br />
She later came back with her husband, yelling at me for giving me the wrong size. It became clear later that she simply wanted different prints (at the time, we we re wild with Spidey, Elmo, Spongebob etc.) and apparently she had a change of mind but too embarrassed to just say so.<br />
<br />
Sigh. Maybe we should give training also to the customer? Ha.