The Blocks, the Numbers and Finally Calmness

Recently a few of my EP friends have noticed that I am down.  I feel myself sinking into that funky depression that I hate so much.  I get irritated and anxious and find myself fixating on negative, sad things.  But I have found a little bit of solace.  Sudoku.  Yep, that crazy, nonsensical Japanese game.  There is no reason to it.  No words, just some numbers and blocks.  Yet it has offered me some respite from my blues.  I pick up the giant book that I was given for Christmas and delve into the blocks and numbers, and I find that time has elapsed and some of my anxiety has dissolved.  Maybe I found a new therapy for sloth.

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8 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Thanks cel, it took me literally minutes to do that!<br />
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Orchid, you deserve to have sooo much more happiness in your life. I'm sorry you need Sudoku to keep your mind off things. You are right though, it does help! It's totally addictive too...

Sounds like you could use some sunshine too, Orchid.

Wow, Pricey! Impressive!!

I like the really easy ones. When I'm doing the puzzles, I find that my mind stays focused so it doesn't wander to more distressing things.

sudoku<br />
udokus<br />
dokuso<br />
okusud<br />
kusudo<br />
usudok<br />
<br />
.... have you tried sudoku, sudoku? It's really hard!

For the life of me, I have not completely accomplished this puzzle yet!....I get to the last cube and I am finished!!

I think I would take eye strain over sloth any day. I know...poor old sloth gets a bad rap.

Hey quit bashing my favorite animal and deadly sin ;) <br />
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That's cool that sudoku works for you. I was 'into' doing them for a few months but I found that they started to give me eyestrain headaches so I had to quit.