Breast Ironing?!!!

Imagine the amount of internalized misogyny  necessary for a mother to iron her own daughter's breasts with hot rocks in a misguided attempt to keep her from getting pregnant. It is happening in Camaroon. Horrifying. This is being done to girls as young as nine. of course, there are kinds of medical consequences for this action, to say nothing of the pain inflicted on these young girls.

To sign a petition to implore the UN Secretary General to speak out against this practice, go to this link:
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I'm not sure I understand your point. But I'll try to address what I think it is. Racism and misogyny, when strongly present in a culture or a family, get internalized, even by what would be considered the targets of the prejudice. Again, I'm not sure what you were reacting to, so I may not have addressed it.

Umm.....<br />
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The mother did this with her own hands?<br />
<br />
And she is only misguided?<br />
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What about the person that told her to do this.......what are they in your eyes?<br />
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It is a good cause...I certaintly will not dispute that....but this group seems to have a very twisted version of which prejudice is the norm....but it is accepted....and you can't even see it.