The British National Party

The BNP, who lest we forget are a legal party in Britain, hate everyone that is not them equally.  In their mini-manifesto of 2007, they pledged to:

Implement a regressive taxation system that will re-establish women as dependents of their husbands.

Repeal protection of witnesses in rape cases and reform family law to benefit men.

Remove the right to choose to have an abortion.

 Leader Nick Griffin has said that he doesn’t recognise womens rights, describing the notion as "feminist poison”. In August 2005 Nick Eriksen,  a former BNP candidate for the London Assembly, claimed rape was a "myth" and added "some women are like gongs they need to be struck regularly".

There's more in one his blog:

"Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal".

"To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence".

"A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched”.

 Lee Barnes, the party’s Legal Director , writing in August 2009, said  that modern” women are “self loathing”, “sexless” and “androgynous” monstrosities:

She is a monster, a sexless polymorphous perversion of nature.”

They are the monsters.



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'F*** Nick Griffin', hehe

Seriously though, I seem to recall the G2 section of the Guardian mentioning something abou the BNP and feminism a little while back. This is precisely the point, though. If those papers, and it's immensely sad that you can only really say that there are two newpapers in Britain (the aforementioned Guardian and Independent) that can be called in any way left-wing, and if even they are not really reporting this, then there is a huge problem. I abhor any hue of bigotry, so I make it my business to research and find out, but all of this should be in the public domain.


I see the Guardian online most days.... haven't seen this about them...

So, lemme follow PART of their logic...

so I think we can agree that most all men like sex....

What about men being raped? Huh? By other men... I mean, a nice prostate massage is supposed to feel just wonderful....

Take THAT Nick Griffin!

Sara, I know :(

This is the problem. It doesn't really get reported in the mainstream media, either. Occasionally, something will pop up in the Guardian or the Indepedent, but as I say, they concentrate on the racism. There is so much more to their hatred.

Pretty soon, it will be the general election. We have a window of opportunity to get shot of them. The more people know about them, the more chance their is that this might happen.


Oh, MY, GOD!!!!


None of this **** has been reported here in the US that I have seen, and I DO follow your politics as best I can....


Thank you all for your comments.

LonelyYiska, their views on everything are vomit inducing, a truly sick party.

praeteritio, unfortunately they ldo their best to uphold all the worst prejudices.

KeasbeyNights, sadly, their popularity has grown steadily during the last decade. They've doubled their amount of seats in local elections, and currently they have 46 councillors. On top of this, they have 2 Members of the European Parliament (MEP's), including the odious leader Nick Griffin.

It isn't just that, though. Their public profile has increased significantly, and they lap it up, going by the old adage 'All news is good news', it's all publicity, whatever the tone of an article or a news report. Nick Griffin appeared on BBC's 'Question Time', and the noises made by the BBC suggests that we can expect a return visit by Griffin. They are also entitled to more party political broadcasts now that they're votes have increased.

What I want to highlight is the full range of their bigotry. The press just focus on racism, there is so much more hatred there, if more of it can enter the public domain, thre is more chance of us getting rid of them.


That's pretty well, I want to be politically correct, but RETARDED. And I mean that solely as that they are retarding society, or setting society back a few notches. How popular is this disgraceful group in Britain?

sweetme, thank you.

Theses comments are an abomination, the people who spout them are an abomination, the BNP are an abomination.


As a victim of rape I can tell, the whole experience was NOT at all compared to being fed with chocolate cake (I wish!)... wow this BNP is incredible... they should scan their brains and see what is SO wrong with them. I still cannot believe these hideous declarations. Thank you for posting!

Thank you, Lou

I disagree with EVERYTHING they say, and everything they stand for, and we need rid of them.

Mizz x

Thats right Mizz, its not just race issues that they have disgraceful views on, there are so many other issues. I agree every principle they believe is completely wrong.

Lou, it made me feel sick too.

The wider populace HAVE to know just how odious their views are, not just on race, which is a given, but on every human and humane principle, they are so, so wrong.


I am speechless, that is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen, I feel sick.

Lou x