Not So 'powerful'

A power nap is not powerful at all, for me! 90% of the time I woke up from an afternoon nap I felt more tired than before to the point of not wanting to even move. If I was unlucky enough, I would get a headache.

I've tried 3 hours nap, 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes and less than 15 minutes. 3 hours is the best cycle for me. I do not feel as grouchy and tired as other cycles but it does take me about an hour to be more 'awake' after that. Of course, my mind can't function well - it's all a haze.

I try my best not to nap but sometimes I am so tired and I just drift into sleep. It would be really nice if a short nap can help me refresh a little. :(
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Sep 16, 2012