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I used to work as a computer lab assistant for a local junior college. Sometimes, when no one was in the computer lab, I would unzip and pull my **** out and ********** to ***********. It was always exciting because a co-worker or student wishing to use the computers might come in at any time.
There were 5 rows of computers. One row was against the wall and the other rows were separated either by a wall about a foot higher that the computer table or an aisle. I have even sat near the back of the room and *********** to *********** while students were in the room because they were generally involved in their computer works and paid little attention to me. The excitement came because I knew that at any moment, one of the students might need my assistance.
When I used to teach jr. high school, I would ********** in my classroom during lunch break. There were no doors on my classroom, so, again, my adrenalin rush would come from the possibility that a student, another teacher, or an administrator would come in.
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a great story/confession ......... i've *********** in all kinds of places too, including walking down the street holding my coat in front of my ****

I've done this several times. But Ive went as far as gotten fully naked and ***********.

dangerous and exciting all at the some time