~ and My Circle ~

 Writing for me is very healthy. It lets me know what I'm feeling, thinking at any moment. I can go back to stories I have written & see how far I've come or how far I still need to travel. My friends here comment & give encouragement to me which is a bonus & truly helps as well. =] Writing is all that I have most days, so it keeps me from ending it on the bad days & helps me stay happier on the not so bad days. I love to write & I love all of you for allowing me this outlet & for supporting me.

Goddess Blessings To You All....... xxxooo

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Yes I find that too. Not only writing here, but also in my journal. I haven't had the courage to write my blog here yet. I would feel too exposed.

yes, writing is good therapy!

my thoughts exactly!