An Escape That Sees Through Walls

I am almost always writing, although it is hardly in a diary. I write stories with fictional characters, and it gives me a sense of control over the world and my life, especially in my fantasy stories, where I control everything, including religion and laws of physics and gravity. My dad used to get into his moods, and when I was recovering from them, writing was a way to escape the pain and just be free. I could go anywhere, same with reading and singing. My characters were strong and unharmable at first, but as I got older, I started giving them flaws, cause I got sick of never being able to be perfect like my characters. My first most memorable character was Wyngama, in my book Sister of the Wolves, who escaped her abusive foster-father to live with a pack of wolves in the wild. I wrote it when I was 9, and the first time around it had over 50,000 words. I rewrote it 2 times since then, each having more words than the last. The other characters have gone on since then, in main characters I have Johnny in War on Warthon, Lee Ann in A Life of My Own, Kae in The Prophecy, Meg in Behind Closed Doors, Sarah in Out of the Shadows, and too many others to count. The character most in my mind right now is Kae, the character of my new fantasy story, a slave that learns magic in secret and defies a thousand year old prophecy to save her lover, Noeh, from having to die in a fight against the tyrant like the prophecy predicted. I wrote that based on the fact of being sick that all the heroes in fantasy stories were supposedly prophesied to come and free them. I don't know why I'm rambling on about my stories, but they seem so real to me that it is almost like telling of a past life, or something I watched a friend do. I have been writing as long as I can remember, always about characters (mostly teens) in extreme situations so the ones in my life seemed more normal and easily endured. My school notebooks are filled with songs, drawings, story ideas and random chapters from my books, and poems. They may have a few pages of notes, lol. Any type of writing is soothing, and although diary writing hasn't been so good for me cause I find my own life not worthy of talking about usually, I wouldn't doubt that it can work miracles for those with no one to talk to, or with people with no one to listen... I am often alone in my family, the one that takes the stress of them and deals with it while comforting my depressed mother and bipolar brother, and I dipose of this stress and my own by writing and singing.

"A song can slip through the bars, no matter where you are, its the only piece of you that can escape. I know why, the caged bird sings" (Quote from my song Song of a Caged Bird)

Replace the word "song" with poem, story, diary, anything really. That is how I feel about singing and writing. When I say that "Writing is an escape that sees through walls", I am not talking about physical walls, but the walls that I know I myself have put up in my mind to block out unpleasant thoughts and memories, even from myself, and I guess other people have those too. Writing is the only thing that sees through those walls, cause you can't lie to paper.

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No problem. I know what you mean. I find parts in stories I don't like, and I get on the computer and rewrite them, lol. I have already rewritten the first two books in the Pellinor series and some others you've probably never heard of. I would love to read something you've written if you ever want me too. Best of luck to you!

I love your view of creative writing and the ability to escape into your own world. I used to write a lot, but haven't had the time, or maybe just forgot how therapeutic it was. I've turned to reading and find a similar escape, but don't know the outcome until I get to the end. There are times I wish I could change parts of a story to make it fit with something that has happened in my life, but it's not my story... You've inspired me to try to write again! Thanks for the insight.