I've always kept some kind of Journal or wrote Poetry... it does do something for some of us! If anything its good to get things off your chest,if nothing else! When I couldn't talk b/c I didn't know how to explain all I was feeling...I wrote poems!

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It's truely amazing what it does;when we really need it to!!!

I have to agree with you.I think writing helps us to see things that we wouldn't usually see and it helps us to solve many things by seeing it written down on paper.<br />
I use to write poems a long time ago but since my life is good....the words don't seem to come much anymore...go figure.I guess I was able to write them from my pain which was good because it helped.

I would have to say it sure does!!

Right back at you angelwings626... It is always a great surprise when one feels better a/f the jotting down of words...good/ works wonders for the mind/body/soul i thinks:)


I know how you feel Kiwispirit... when your mind is racing its hard to put it on paper never mind trying to sifer it all so it makes sense at times!!!

I agree with you Aussie, writing is good therapy...I used to write poetry but that was easy when I didn't have so many problems I could just let it all flow out...I can't even think straight let alone write straight at the moment...