During my early teens I became engrossed with learning the forms of easter philosophy reading a multitude of books ranging from ancient proverbial text to modern Taoistic approaches. It seemed to me a superior way to describe the human condition which is what I understand now to be a general focus, if not unconciously, for alert teenagers taking into account the western traditional belief of original sin being inherited during the transition from child to adult.

Toward my later teens I was introduced to Castaneda by my mother who had attempted to read 1 piece of his works. I thank her for this as it has opened my mind to a world I would never have known. To this day, despite my continuous reccomendations, she still has not read a complete book of his.

I read with an open mind then review with skepticism which led me to doubt on a few occasions the validity of Castaneda's reports until one day I saw something unlike anything I had percieved previous. It is not something explicitly described in any of Castaneda's works as far as I know but still it served as an explosion of awareness as the the true potential we all hold.

It is amazing the weight our species, in fact, most beings on this earth hold when it comes to using our vision as a means to gain information. Many many theories (speaking from my skepticism) exist on the art and practice of percieving aura, too many for it too be completely untrue in my view so I have always, since a small child, held some faith that this may some day become a regular occurance or practice among society. What once was shall be once more, as they say.

But I ramble, let me tell you of my experience that led me to doubt the world I have seen all my life.

It was a still night, no breeze moved the tree or plants where I sat, alone. I fight with my father had led me to take shelter in a field close to my home town. As I sat wth no purpose or direction I decided to meditate to calm myself and be ready for any answers willing to present themselves. As I began to slow my breathing, I naturally felt my body begin to sway in rhythm to my breathe. A single branch hung maybe a foot from my face from the small tree I had decided to sleep beneath.

My breathe in drew my body closer to the branch while doing so created a strange sensation that I was absorbing the branch or somehow becoming more deeply aware of it. With my exhale my body would lean away as the feeling disappated and the branch became smaller in my vision. With each iteration of this inhal/exhale the feeling on each breathe became more and more intense but my body was not moving any more than when I had started. This feeling began to rush through my body regardless of whether I was inhaling or exhaling so I decided to stop.

It was at this moment that I looked upon the field of doc plants (often found growing near stinging nettles for those who have ever been stung by them provide a nice antidote to the irritation) and as I looked at the doc leaves, I could see my vision had turned a different contrast. It was now less full of colour (as colourful as the night can be) and more black, white and grey. As I peered into the field a strange movement was coming from the plants apparent at the edge of their culmination. A strange smoke was emmiting from them but it did not move like smoke, it was lighter and faster, more like steam from a kettle reaching maybe 2 feet from the top of the plant into the air above. I was entranced for a minute simply watching this new phenomenon until I simply shook it off, party disbelieving what I was seeing.

But now I realise, and still remember vividly, that I had SEEN the plants BREATHING.


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you don't need a psychotic misogynist like castaneda to do this^

don't shake it off, just observe for as long as you can, everything else is futile.

don't shake it off, just observe for as long as you can, everything else is futile.

You know, it makes me feel as if any endeaver bar the life of a warrior is futile.