Omg Yes!!!!!!!

It never seems to work for me =(
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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When is Happy Hour at the Chat Bar?


OMG :O you've got to be kidding!! Well, good luck with all that.... I've decided I don't care if I never get through them all, unless trooper holds a gun to my head I'm going on writer's strike :)

Uh-oh, I can't subtract tonight.... make that 4231 left ....

Nah its more then that, I have heaps of groups with more then one story, I am reckoning I got about 5000 to go **sigh**

Wow, you are just rolling through your expiences and writing up a storm..... well, you only have 4228 to go!!! Then you can start writing mine :)