I find it amusing that the founder of this group apparently left EP after creating the group.

I try not to go into the confessions area often because there is a lot of playground activity in there that sometimes gets out of hand.  This disturbs me. 

I do like the changes that EP has made so that I can eliminate anonymous confessions if I wish to do so.  I think the confessions have a place on EP; however we could do a better job of supporting those with real problems on there.

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EP should make it so that you can only make a post every few hours... if people had to wait a few hours to respond to a friends post on confessions, then they would be, maybe less inclined to do it? <br />
(ie Make one post, and then you have to wait like 2-4 hours before you can make another one? Maybe less time than that though...)

I have rarely hit up the confessions section because I find, as a good friend said to me "garbage in/garbage out" applies to this section of ep.

Disturbing mainly.

naw they done nothing to you, and it would be better for me to ignore it.

Want to go there together and run them of with our brilliance? LOL I am so just kidding.

There are a couple new people in the confessions i don't like so i don't go there much either.

Good points gentlemen and I thank you both for presenting your points in a concise and clear manner. You both rock!

Good ideas. But I feel that if we limit it to ONE per day then that puts a real value on what's posted. If you only have one shot (per day) to really say something....would you really waste it by blurting out "Ugh. Babysitting sucks"? You would be much more thoughtful (imho). And even if you weren't, oh well, at least it's only ONCE and not 30 times. That seems like it would be the simplest way to end the "texting effect" of 5 people just posting single sentences back and forth to each other for 12 pages, wouldn't it?

I agree...up to a point.<br />
<br />
People should be allowed to post only ONE confession per day (and they can write whatever they want so long as it doesn't violate TOS)<br />
<br />
But allowing unlimited "confessions" means that bored tweenagers can spend HOURS posting one word, or single nonsensical sentences....which drives down legitimate Confessions to page 25 where no one reads them.<br />
<br />
Should the nonsensical ramblings of a tweenager be on the front page 24hrs a day (as they are now by virtue of their endless texting of single sentence "confessions")? Shouldn't people with real issues get a fair shot at get read too?

Interesting comments every one. I know it is frustrating, but I do know that EP is looking at confessions closely so hopefully they will have some ideas on how to control the area better.

I just looked at Confessions a second ago and (sigh) it's just overrun with bored kids basically texting each other nonsensical crap. <br />
<br />
Solution: Maybe EP could put a daily limit on Confessions? What if you could write only one "confession" per day? That would certainly be an effective method for reclaiming that Area from the tweenagers. I mean, c'mon! These kids are "confessing" up to 20-30 times a day! Once per day (are you listening EP?) would solve the "texting" problem.

The Confessions area is not great, but what can you do? For ever one "real" confession there are 99 written by bored teenagers hopped up on Red Bull just looking for attention.<br />
<br />
"I like chapstick!"<br />
<br />
"I'm drunk! Whoo-hoo!"<br />
<br />
"Grrrr! Can openers have eyes! Bwahaha!"<br />
<br />
(eye roll) Cute. Really. My sides are splitting.<br />
<br />
What's worse is that it seems like even the real ones are just made up for pure shock value. It's hard to tell.<br />
<br />
But, like I said, there's nothing you can do. It's like trying to get kids to be quiet at Chuck E. Cheese. The Confessions area is the ball pit for tweenagers and it'll probably never change.

Very well said, I have been away and am now returning more to ep....but confessions is somewhere I dont venture often either then or now.

yeah, i hate when people use the confessions area as their personal "IM" place. I mean, there are tons of other places to chat with your pals.<br />
<br />
I didn't know the person who started this no longer participates, but I can understand. This place fills a role for me when i'm in a certain mood, but it's sorta weird to have it as a home base all the time.

LOL, I didn't start this group and I started not to even post that but i couldn't help it lol. I still moo for moo!

Ah, confessions, I better keep quite before I lash off...