I have been having several comments on some stories that come from people ( I guess ) that voice their opinion on a story which is fine with me and that they put their point of view on it.

That is the point of the comments and I have no problem with it.

But the fact that it is made from a profile that has no experiences or friends and will not be used again for the rest of eternity.  Other wise seen as a fake profile.

Who is it?  Who knows.  Could be a regular on here that just doesn't want to reveal themselves.

Could be someone that came across this site from any of the other sites that EP advertises on and they see the need to say what they need to say.

I find it interesting that each one was created just minutes before the comment was made and that is the only thing that goes on for the whole profile till someone reports it.

I find it tiring that I can write a story and someone comes along and says their peace and continue to bash the story and anyone else that would comment on it.

I grow tired of someone who has a chip on their sholder and wants me to knock it off and I am sorry but I don't play that way.

If you feel the need to comment on a story fine.  Say your peace and move on.

If it continues to bother you soooo badly then I would suggest that you create a group and write a story about how your view is the just and correct way of the world and that everyone should bow to your view, oh self rightous one.

Just don't expect me to come to your story and try to persude you that I'm right and your wrong.


Do I expect you to do that?  Of course not.  Why? Cause your considered a fake profile.  So unless your willing to put some effort into putting a little info about who you are and what your view is don't think that I am going to give your comment much consideration.   About the most amount of attention that I am going to put to it will be whether or not I delete your comment.  So far I haven't deleted any comments but hey there is always a first time.....

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Thanks for the comments Candy......<br />
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I know Lala you talk about it and I am sorry that so many seems to do that to you..... Thanks for the comments.......

i like the part here say ur piece/peace and mov on..even friends anyone makes a comment on ur story.. u say i don't agree..they need to accept it!...it's ok not to agree and move on..no need for drama..no need to drag it out for what? u say u don't agree..what's gonna change? let it go....don't complain to ur friends .drag them to my story and slander me...ur just a whiner..thought two ppl disagree it's over...grow up....

I'm fed up of them pm-ng me then blocking me....<br />
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It's nice to have the attention

Yes it is Sweet Pix...

It sounds to me like it's someone who's got nothing better to do but be negative...that's too bad, it's actually quite sad....


Exactly haligonian...... Why try to make someone share less cause you don't like how they view it...<br />
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Thanks for the comments...

Amazing how many people find a site full of opinions to have rights and wrongs, blacks and white and non polarized views. I find the best way of living and letting live is to leave the conversation without posting anything that would offend the people in that conversation... and if I actually feel like I need to express my views I start my own section and look for like minded individuals.<br />
I mean it's a site about sharing ideas, why do anything that would make people feel like sharing less of their own?

Thanks Leonis....