Poof~ They Are Gone

I think for me, as im kinda new to EP
its the younger, or perhaps childish may be better term,
but when its combined with a profile here one day, gone the next
is what's annoying
I don't mind "fake" profiles
as EP, from what I understand you can be as anonymous as you want or don't want to be.

PassarellisLove PassarellisLove
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

I agree.. I wouldnt want more then one profile..<br />
good lord, i cant drag myself into the shower most days lol<br />
then have to log onto a buncha profiles LOL.<br />
I dont know what kind of fun people get when they are hurtful like that.<br />
perhaps they havent felt that kind of sting themselves....<br />

It is when persons use those profiles to do hurtful things to others that I ob<x>ject. A person can pretend to be whatever they want and I don't care but don't sign up with fake profiles and attack other people. I only have the one profile and I don't want any fake ones. That is just me though.