Listen Too The Lyrics


                 If u listen closey too the lyrics in a song of music, u will find there are many different emotions that are going through a singer's mind and there voice as u listen closey! Not only does music open a person's eyes but too me its a door too their soul as well, for some exampes: Britney Spears who wrote a song call Not Yet A Girl, Not Yet A Woman ( here in these lyrics she seems to be going through a time of soul searchin tryin to find something that is missing in her life its almost like she is tryin too find a piece of her self which is a battle inside because she wants too realse something that will make her be a woman, another example is the song by White Snake Fly High Too The Angels, here its like the singer of the band has losted someone so close too them its like that person was there best friend and more who probably died of a drug over-dose and they are no longer here and they want to go a head and fly too the angels where they are safe, and another example is like Papa Roach broken its almost like one of the band singers or maybe more than one has came through a life of nothing but family abuse and they have had too teach themselves too break the chains of family abuse and unstead of letting it contiune of in there life's, they have decided to let it make the stronger so they acn reach out too there children one day to be who they are and not too follow the inncrowd of beating others who are just as innocent as someone else who dosen't deserve too be abused u know? If u listen closey too a persno or a band and there music u can find more than just lyrics, melodys, and music from the instruments that are playing while the singer or singers are sinning, u can hear these emotions and what they are going through in there life at that time and what has inspired them too brave enough too share what they are going through and what has happen in there life,music is the key too a person's lfife as well as there soul!!I can admit I do not listen too country because too me its so depressing it remindes me of how bad my life seems in a pitty party way, which is ok to have pitty parties at times, but then its not because there is so many people who has it so m,uch worse than myself!! U may hear some people say that the person's eyes are the key too there, but really its the music that they listen too and there eyes as well, so next time u seems too love a song think and listen too the lyrics and what the singer or singers are sinning in the lyrics and think how do u relate too that song and what makes u love that song so much! U'll see excatly what I am talking about!!

mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
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Ty for sharing ur thoughts it means a lot too me, that others as special as u can see what I am seeing and talking about ty again!

I agree. I always wonder why I like songs. Songs are a great way to tell what a person is feeling, and what they are all about. I really liked your story.