A Paradox, But In Nature I Find Ambivalence For Defence

I was getting into my Pensiveness about the Meaning of Life.  And Reflecting on One of Nature's most Simple Revelation.

I was living in a Trailer on a Golf Course in Sacramento, California since 1983 - 2007.  And on the Fence Line and Boundary of the place I would notice this Thorny Plant Vine. I'm not familiar with the True Name of it. I'm sure it has a Simple name for it.  A Thorny Plant Vine.  It is a Vine and Grows very fast as Vines, has Thorns on it and Branches out in Vines and Leafs and more Thorns on it's Vines.  It's Evolution and Propagation on it's Vines and has Thorns on it's Vine for Defense.  Pretty Simple and seems to be showing me what Life has been all About.  Yet it kept growing so much that it was massive so much that it needed to be cut down and cleared from crowding up space and being dangerous from cutting us up if just by letting it touching and brushing it's Vines by us. Not Pleasant.

So much Diversity of Life and all it's doing is trying to be what it is and Needing it's own kind of Protection.  Even having a Biological from being the substance of being Food.  I'm in Paradox to all this Life, because if other Life forms was Food, then it also seems ironic that it would need a Defense from it.  It's a Life also.  So this oddness that Life is Eating other Life to Survive and yet many of other Life Forms has a Biological Defense that goes with it.  It's constantly making me confused.  All Life is trying to Propagate it's own kind and trying to Evolve with Biological Defenses.  These Defenses in other Life forms evidently will give us that Trepidation for which we need to be very Cautious about as we Adventure in this Life of its own kind of Jungle here as Nature on this Earth.

So I am in Trepidation to Looking at all Life Forms and how Biologically they are equipped with an Armor of Defense.  Does that Justify our means of having a Military?  I don't know. But it kind of Explains that our lives are always in a threat by other Species of other Life. I wish we where more into why we face all these Paradoxes and would question why there would be a God about us that had us all in a life's Jungle trying to compete for Life like this.  What are we all really Fighting For?  Why is one Specie of Life always an Enemy to another Life? Why is it that as being one kind of Species, there is this competition to over take and harm another Life Specie Form?  When I have looked at this, this was my Contradictions to these Cultural Religions.  Religions to me are nothing more than trying to justify and Support one's own Specie from the Others and to take the Lives of other Species.  We are here with this Conflict on other Life Specie Forms and all I see is competition for the Divine Gods.  I don't see any real Love at all, from any kind of Divine God as I really look Deep into what Nature is really showing to me.  What ever is Divine is only interested of an Outcome for a Better Specie.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 9, 2010